On the first anniversary of Vajpayee's death, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute, saying,
On the first anniversary of Vajpayee's death, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute, saying, "India benefitted greatly from his leadership"

Tuesday, May 16th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi detailed the initiatives his administration has made to increase job opportunities in India. He said that every policy enacted over the last nine years has opened a “door to generating employment” for the country’s young.

On Tuesday, at the National Rozgar Mela, the Prime Minister made these comments while handing out appointment letters to 71,000 new hires. Virtually speaking at the event, PM Modi stated, “During the last nine years, there has been a great focus towards boosting employment opportunities in the country.” Everything the government does, from developing rural areas to constructing cutting-edge infrastructure, opens up opportunities for young people to find gainful work.


The Prime Minister said that one of his administration’s top priorities was improving the government’s hiring practises by making them more efficient, open, and equitable.

Everything from submitting an application to hearing back about your status is now done entirely online. Recruitment interviews for both Group C and D are complete as well. Because of these measures, PM Modi added, “corruption and nepotism are no longer an option.”

He praised government initiatives, saying that they are helping young people find work.

The young of India benefit from every policy and programme the government of India implements. The government of India has spent over Rs 34 lakh crore on capital expenditures during the last nine years, as announced by the Prime Minister.

PM Modi sent his best wishes to the successful applicants and their families upon receiving the offer of employment.

He went on to say that in India’s 75 years of independence, never before has the country moved so quickly or on such a massive scale.

He also spoke on the “new revolution” of the start-up scene that the nation has seen.

In addition, the nature of work has changed dramatically over the last decade. As a result of these shifts, new fields of opportunity have opened up for young people to explore. The federal government’s commitment to these emerging industries is ongoing. Over the last decade, America has seen a fresh wave of innovation in the startup scene. “Nine years ago, there were approximately one hundred startups in the country; today, there are approximately one lakh,” he remarked.

Foreign direct investments and record exports from the nation are both contributing to the rise in employment. The changing landscape has revealed promising new fields in which young people might find work. He also noted that the federal government has been continually encouraging new business ventures.

Prime Minister Modi made a point of contrasting the rate of rural road construction before and after 2014.

The rural road network in the nation increased from less than 4,000,000 kilometres in length in 2013 to more than 7,250,000 kilometres in length in 2017. Before 2014, there were just 74 airports in the nation, severely limiting air travel options. He estimated that there are now about 150 of them.

“I spoke with Walmart’s CEO not too long ago, and he told me that in the next three to four years, Walmart would export to the tune of Rs 80,000 Cr. This is fantastic news for young people interested in careers in the logistics and supply chain industries. The CEO of Cisco informed me that the company plans to sell Indian-made goods worth Rs 8,000 crores…The Prime Minister said, “Next week I will meet CEOs of large firms, and they are all thrilled to invest in India.



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