"Gandhi Clubs established at all Anantnag schools"

On Monday, Syeed Fakhrudin Hamid, DC of the district of Anantnag, announced that Gandhi clubs had been set up in all of the area’s schools with the goal of spreading Gandhi’s ideas to the next generation.

According to a government statement, Hamid presided over a Gandhi Jayanti celebration at the Government Women’s Degree College in the Anantnag district of south Kashmir, where he spoke on the enduring significance of Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and principles.


He said that Gandhi’s unflinching dedication to truth and nonviolence had been a driving force in India’s fight for independence and that Gandhi’s beliefs continue to inspire future generations.

Hamid said that the goals of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ were to instill a feeling of social responsibility in its citizens and to advance justice, equality, and peace.

Many events were conducted throughout the month of September to honour Mahatma Gandhi and his many contributions to society.

Debates, tournaments, seminars, and discussions were only some of the activities that were organised to dive more deeply into Gandhi’s thought, its relevance to modern society, and how Gandhian ideals may lead to solving the issues of the present.

Students from all throughout the country put on cultural performances during Gandhi Jayanti, with themes based on Gandhi’s teachings.

Throughout the programme, speakers discussed the lasting relevance of Gandhi’s ideas.

They spoke about how Gandhi’s principles of truth, nonviolence, and social justice are still relevant today.

Applying these concepts to today’s problems was another theme throughout the presentations.

At the event’s conclusion, kids from around the district who had attended programmes honouring Gandhi’s ideals were presented with certificates of appreciation.

The birth anniversary of Gandhi, a worldwide symbol of nonviolence, truth, and justice, brought people from all walks of life in the neighbourhood together.



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