Ahead of the New Year's festivities, there is a rise in the number of tourists in Kmr. The tourism secretary is
Ahead of the New Year's festivities, there is a rise in the number of tourists in Kmr. The tourism secretary is "delighted"

Dec. 23, KNS, Srinagar: The tourism agency is preparing for the New Year festivities, which is helping to strengthen the valley’s visitor business.

The local economy is feeling more optimistic as a result of the recent surge of tourists.
According to news agency KNS, travelers are pouring into Kashmir from all around the nation and beyond to take in its picturesque houseboats, snow-covered scenery, and distinctive cultural legacy.
The number of reservations for hotels, houseboats, and other lodging has increased significantly, according to the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department, suggesting a favorable trend in the tourist industry.
While the holiday season has played a role in the increase in tourism, the government is making every effort to guarantee the security and safety of both visitors and residents.
To make the festivities safe, strict security measures have been implemented. Important tourist locations and public spaces now have local police, paramilitary groups, and extra security officers stationed there.
The increased protection is meant to assuage visitors’ fears and foster an environment that will allow them to enjoy the holiday season without worrying about their safety.
The increasing number of tourists is welcomed by local businesses, which include stores, restaurants, and hotels, since it boosts the region’s economy.
After suffering setbacks in the past from a variety of circumstances, the tourist industry is now eager to take advantage of the present uptrend.
Travelers are also saying how happy they are with Kashmir’s charming winter beauty and kind welcome. Many are taking advantage of the many winter sports and activities available in the area, which boosts the local economy even more.
Festive festivities and heightened security measures are combining to create an enticing mood for visitors as Kashmir turns into a winter paradise. The local government and tourism partners are hopeful that this spike in visitor traffic will not only provide the area with a much-needed economic boost but also make the Christmas season unforgettable for travelers.
Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, the secretary for tourism at J&K, expressed his happiness with the region’s booming tourist industry.
Considering the growing numbers and encouraging trends, he expects a prosperous winter season.
Shah praised stakeholders for reviving tourism and noted a noteworthy rise in both local and overseas visitor numbers.
The fact that Gulmarg and Pahalgam were completely booked over the holiday season, according to Shah, “underlines the positive trajectory of winter tourism.” (KNS



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