PM Modi declares in Dubai that India would want to host the COP33 Summit in 2028
PM Modi declares in Dubai that India would want to host the COP33 Summit in 2028

Dubai, December 1st: In an attempt to battle climate change, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that India is one of the few nations on track to fulfill its intended nationally determined contribution (NDC) and suggested that the nation host COP33 in 2028.

India is dedicated to implementing the UN Framework on Climate Change. In light of this, I am proposing to host the COP33 Summit in India in 2028,” Prime Minister Modi said at the High-Level Segment of COP28, which is being hosted by the United Arab Emirates, opening ceremony.According to him, India has set a great example for the rest of the world in striking a balance between economics and ecology.


Even though 17% of the world’s population resides in India, the country contributes less than 4% of global carbon emissions. One of the few economies in the world, India’s, is headed toward meeting its NDC objectives, he said.

In order to attend the Conference of Parties-28’s World Climate Action Summit, the prime minister traveled to Dubai on Thursday.

Reviewing the accomplishments made possible by the Paris Agreement and outlining a future route for climate action will be possible at COP28.

Prior to departing for Dubai, the Prime Minister said that India had shown leadership in addressing climate change.

He said, “Our accomplishments in a variety of fields, including afforestation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy conservation, and Mission LIFE, are evidence of our people’s dedication to mother Earth.”

In addition, the Prime Minister will take part in three high-level side events in Dubai, two of which India is co-hosting.

The launch of the Green Credits Initiative is the first high-level event, co-hosted by the UAE and India. The Green Credits Initiative sees the issuance of green credits for plantations on waste and degraded lands, as well as river catchment areas, in order to restore their vitality. It is based on the Green Credit Program, which was announced by the Ministry of Environment in October of this year.

The second side event is the introduction of LeadIT 2.0, which is basically a Leadership Group for Industry Transition and is co-hosted by Sweden and India.

The Conference of the Parties to the Convention (COP), which has brought member nations together annually to discuss goals and responsibilities as well as identify and evaluate climate measures, has been held every year for the past thirty years, following the Rio Summit and the establishment of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The Paris Agreement, which organized worldwide collective action to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5C over pre-industrial levels by 2100 and to act to adapt to the already-occurring consequences of climate change, was the result of the 21st session of the COP (COP21). (ANI)



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