Due to dwindling attendance, the Amarnath Yatra will henceforth take place only every other day
Nadia Farooq

“Over 1.95 lakh pilgrims have already participated in the Amarnath Yatra.”

Srinagar, July 21: On Friday, a new group of 4,675 pilgrims headed from Jammu to Kashmir to participate in the current Amarnath Yatra.
According to authorities, an escorted vehicle took the Yatris out of Jammu’s Bhagwati Nagar Yatri Niwas.


“Of these, 1825 are headed for the base camp in Baltal, while 2850 are headed for the base camp in Pahalgam.

According to officials, there are 3400 men, 1189 women, 16 children, 55 sadhus, 12 sadhvis, and three transgender people among the current Yatris.

Over 1.95 lakh pilgrims have already participated in the Amarnath Yatra since it began this year.

Thirty pilgrims have passed away thus far this year, 29 of them through natural causes and one from a shooting stone.

Yatris can access the Himalayan cave shrine by the traditional Pahalgam route in south Kashmir, which entails a 43-kilometer ascent from the Pahalgam base camp, or via the Baltal base camp in north Kashmir, which entails a 13-kilometer ascent.

While those who follow the Baltal way return to base camp the same day after having ‘darshan’ inside the cave shrine, which is located 3888 meters above sea level, those who travel the conventional Pahalgam route spend 3–4 days to reach the cave shrine.

On both routes, Yatris can also use helicopter services.

The ice stalagmite structure in the cave temple is thought by followers to represent the mythological powers of Lord Shiva.

The ice stalagmite structure changes in size according to the moon’s phases.

The 62-day Amarnath Yatra for this year began on July 1 and will conclude on August 31 in time for the Shravan Purnima festival.

Authorities have forbidden any junk food at the free communal kitchens called “Langars” that have been put up along both routes of the Yatra in order to protect the pilgrims from high altitude sickness.

All bottled beverages, halwai items, fried foods, and tobacco-based products are prohibited.



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