In Sumbal, a home wall collapses and kills a middle-aged worker
Nadia Farooq

A lady from Pulwama passed away shortly after giving birth to a daughter, despite the fact that her family claimed she died as a result of medical malpractice at the district hospital Pulwama.

The lady has been identified as Anisa Jan, Feroz Ahmad Mir’s wife from the Pulwama village of Rakh.


Anisa was operating at the district hospital in Pulwama yesterday evening at approximately 9 o’clock, according to one of her relatives, who said that she is doing well.

He said that despite the physicians being informed that the patient was in excruciating agony, they paid no attention.

“The doctors repeatedly assured us that her condition was good, but at 3 am they said she needed to be transferred to LD hospital, and when we got there, the doctors there told us she was almost dead,” the patient’s family said.

The family members urged that the situation be thoroughly investigated.

Meanwhile, a senior doctor said that patient had developed some complications at district hospital Pulwama and was referred in shock to LD, where she was received at around 4:30 am.

“We informed her family members that she is almost dead and as per protocol she was taken to theatre for resuscitation but she collapsed,” he said.

Meanwhile, medical superintendent DH Pulwama Dr A G Dar said that they will investigate the matter and find out the cause of referral and death as well. (KNO)



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