Four suspects have been caught by Delhi Police in the deep-fake case of Rashmika Mandanna
Four suspects have been caught by Delhi Police in the deep-fake case of Rashmika Mandanna

Dec. 20 in New Delhi: Four people who put up a deepfake video of star Rashmika Mandana online have been caught, and cops said Wednesday that they are now looking for the main person who did it.

It turned out that the four suspects were uploaders instead of makers, though, according to the cops. They were also looking for the main cheater in the case.


An issue came up during the investigation because the suspects were said to have wiped information from their accounts, making it hard for police to find them. Cyber experts from the Delhi Police are now looking for the main person who planned the post.

The actor was probably added to the deepfake videos using a fake name, and the fact that they used a virtual private network (VPN) makes it even harder to find the person who did it.

A month has passed since the Delhi Police filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the Special Cell about the deep-fake video of actress Rashmika Mandana that was made by AI.

The Delhi Commission for Women had already asked for action to be taken against the deep-fake video of star Rashmika Mandana that went viral on social media.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and IT, said on November 18 that all social media sites had been sent letters telling them to find and remove the content in question.

The Internet Freedom and Safety for Online Users (IFSO) unit of the Delhi Police had sent a letter to Meta (formerly Facebook), but the social media company said it couldn’t give them any information about the deleted account.

A source told us that the cops are looking for a response from GoDaddy (a publicly traded internet name server) because GoDaddy was also used to make a similar profile.

In an interview with the media on November 18, Ashwini Vaishnaw talked about how dangerous deepfakes are. She said, “Deepfake is a big issue for all of us.” We just recently sent warnings to all the major social media sites, asking them to remove material that they think is a deepfake. The social media sites have answered. They have done something. They were told to be more driven in this job.

A new video of star Rashmika Mandanna showed up online on November 6, which led to conversations about internet safety. A woman who looks like the star Rashmika was seen getting into a lift wearing a black swimsuit in the video that went viral.

The video went very popular very quickly, and many people on social media came forward to say it was a direct fake.



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