After rats and cockroaches were discovered in the kitchen, Mumbai's famed Bademiya restaurant was closed
After rats and cockroaches were discovered in the kitchen, Mumbai's famed Bademiya restaurant was closed

Cockroaches and rats were discovered in the kitchen during FDA inspections, which led to the closure of popular South Mumbai restaurant Bademiya on Wednesday. Additionally, the FDA said that it lacked its FSSAI licence.

Bademiya, which first opened its doors in 1946, began as a temporary seekh kabab stand. It is currently well-known for its recognizable rolls and kebabs. In addition to its very well-liked rolls and kebabs, Bademiya offers Mughlai, North Indian, and Jain cuisines.


Rats and cockroaches discovered in the restaurant’s kitchen
The FDA conducted a raid on the restaurant as a result of many complaints about sanitation. The kebab shop has two locations: one in Bandra and one in South Mumbai.

Sources claim that during the searches, the authorities discovered rats and cockroaches in the restaurant’s kitchen.

When the FDA representatives examined the restaurant’s paperwork, they discovered that it lacked a licencing from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India.

The proprietor of the restaurant said that all licences, with the exception of FSSAI, are in place. Additionally, the owner said that they are prepared to completely cooperate with the authorities.

One of the numerous eateries in Mumbai that are now being examined is Bademiya.

“FDA is now raiding and inspecting establishments in Mumbai. One of the hotels that has been searched is Bademiya. The surveillance team and our local officer came in this area (Bademiya) this afternoon and discovered a cloud kitchen providing meals for two of its neighbouring branches. According to representatives, Bademiya’s FSSAI licence has not been renewed in a number of years.

FSSAI Food safety Registration or a licence is required.
The ultimate authority in charge of regulating and monitoring food safety is the FSSAI.

All hotels must now get an FSSAI Food Safety Registration or Licence in order to launch their business. In addition to hygienic concerns, the restaurant was not awarded a licence, according to an FDA official reported by India Today.
According to the FSS (Licencing & Registration of Food Businesses) Regulations, 2011, the FSSAI licence is given out. This unique 14-digit registration or licence number is granted to manufacturers, producers, and merchants that work with fast food joints and restaurants, and it must be printed on food containers legally.



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