Government lead by PM Modi has been successful in its fight against drugs and terrorism
Government lead by PM Modi has been successful in its fight against drugs and terrorism

Jaipur, Sep 3: Union Home Minister Amit Shah warned on Sunday that the Opposition group INDIA’s discussions of abolishing Sanatan Dharma will bring to their destruction in a blistering assault on Tamil Nadu Minister Udaynidhi Stalin for his comments.

Before launching the BJP’s Parivartan Yatra from Dungarpur, the leader of the opposition called INDIA the “Ghamandiya Gathbandhan” and said it would go to whatever lengths to play the vote-bank game.


According to Shah, the opposition group would be so severely devastated in the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 that it won’t even be visible with a telescope.

In his criticism of the INDIA bloc, Shah said, “UPA is facing several corruption allegations; as a result, its name has been changed to INDIA. The opposition group has been disparaging the nation’s history and advocating the abolition of Sanatan Dharma for the previous two days.

In 2014, we received 55% of the vote and 25 seats; in 2019, we received 61% of the vote and 25 seats went to Modi. He then questioned, “What will Rajasthan do in 2024? “, to which the audience responded in the affirmative.

He emphasised the BJP’s plans and questioned what the Congress has accomplished. “We donated crores towards the construction of the Kota airport, roads, and Udaan scheme. I have given the BJP’s nine-year report card; now the Congress should provide its five-year report card, he remarked.

“I am a ‘Baniya”s’ kid, and I have arrived with all calculations. The UPA-led government was in power for ten years and provided Rajasthan $1.60 lakh during that time. In contrast, the Modi administration handed more than $8 lakh crore to its citizens in only nine years. Why did the Congress treat Rajasthanis unfairly? “, Shah questioned.

He stated that the Gehlot administration had failed to provide the populace access to authority and protection for women.

Shah criticised the Congress by claiming, “It launched Rahul 20 times and failed.”

According to Gehlot’s former minister, “Gehlot’s corruption worth hundreds of crores of rupees is recorded in red diary,” Shah stated.

He quoted Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, as saying that “Hindu organisations are more dangerous than LeT.”



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