Before its release, SRK's
Before its release, SRK's "Jawan" receives massive bookings in Kashmir

“The fans are eager to see the first showing of this mega Bollywood film,” said the fan.

Srinagar, September 02: Kashmir is once again suffering from SRK fever as the only multiplex theatre in the valley experiences a massive spike in ticket sales before to the premiere of “Jawan.”


The Atlee-directed film Jawan, starring Sharukh Khan and Nayanthara, is scheduled for release on Thursday across India. Deepika Padukone and Vijay Sethupathi both make brief appearances in the film.

Jawan’s advance reservations began on Friday morning, and it seems that the audience is anxious to catch the premiere of this massive Bollywood film.

A quick glance at the Inox app reveals that the multiplex will have packed houses for the movie’s Thursday and Friday showings.

According to the Kashmir News Observer (KNO), tickets for the next days are also selling like hotcakes, with approximately 50% of seats reserved for the performances on Saturday and Sunday.

INOX Cinema owner Vijay Dhar said that “Jawan” is receiving a “good” reception in Srinagar as a result of the large number of advance reservations.

“When people like and rate the image. We anticipate selling out all of the tickets by Sunday for the performance on Thursday, he added.

Dhar said that SRK is well regarded in the valley, as seen by the overwhelming reception to the film’s release, “Pathan.”

The Kashmiris adore the famous Bollywood actor SRK. Tickets for his film are reserved by viewers of all ages. Last time, Pathan, there was a great surprise as people waited in line to see the film. Even ‘Oppenheimer’ was a hit for us since it captured houseful concerts for days on end,” he remarked.

After the popularity of Pathan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi specifically mentioned Jammu and Kashmir, noting that theatres there are now running almost full.

“The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remark of the Kashmiri people’s reaction to film was really a proud occasion for us. It is definitely encouraging to see people returning to the theatres, he remarked.

As fans made reservations for the first performance in an effort to see their beloved star in action, the excitement had reached a fever pitch.

Since I was a little kid, I have been a devoted follower of Shah Rukh Khan. Seeing him on the big screen is like realising a dream for me since his films have always been a source of pleasure and inspiration for me. I am very excited to see “Jawan,” said college student Imran Ahmad Mir.

The Jawan movie has sold up to 2.7 lakh tickets so far in India. The cost of a ticket has increased to as much as Rs 2,400 in certain places.



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