Better traffic management needed to deal with ever increasing traffic flow on roads
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Srinagar city’s roadways are becoming more congested due to the rising volume of vehicle traffic, which is especially problematic during the morning and evening rush hours. Traffic congestion frustrates commuters. Important and significant roadways, as well as lesser-known routes, are affected by the traffic congestion. It’s inevitable that traffic will rise, just as it has in other cities throughout the world.

The roads are basically the same, but there are more cars on them every day. Those in charge of coordinating the flow of traffic will need to devise a comprehensive plan to meet the problems of the future. It is crucial to add more personnel to the traffic department. It’s crucial that enough authorities be on hand to keep traffic moving smoothly. To address the traffic issues, several trials were conducted in other big cities. These approaches need to be examined to see whether or not they are relevant in this context. It is imperative that new roads be built wherever they are required to alleviate traffic congestion.


The unfinished roadways’ building work must be rushed as well. People, too, must work together to ease traffic congestion. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to have family members take turns driving. If at all possible, people should avoid the busiest highways and pick less-travelled ones. The rules must be followed to the letter. Disobedience of traffic laws may also cause significant delays. Vehicles illegally parked on roadways are a typical annoyance. Despite regular fines for the infraction, many still park their cars illegally on the street.

Those who partake in such behaviours need to realise the huge harm they cause to society as a whole. Even people in need of urgent care are delayed in getting there because of the traffic. It may be deadly for them at times. There are also others who often drive in the incorrect direction. This behaviour causes congestion and accidents. Having a bird’s-eye perspective on traffic management can help you see problems and implement fixes.



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