Big news for roadways bus riders! Big savings on UP Rajdhani bus tickets, know the latest prices
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UP News: Roadway buses are the best option for people heading home during the Christmas season. In particular, for individuals who are unable to purchase reserved train seats, In such a case, passengers travelling home by bus are going to enjoy an advantage since a 10 percent decrease in fare has been announced.

Good news for those who regularly use the Rajdhani Bus (Uttar Pradesh Rajdhani Bus) service in UP: fares have been reduced! In fact, as a present to its customers, Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation has slashed bus tickets in the capital city by 10% for the holiday of Diwali. This lessens the financial strain on those using the bus in the nation’s capital. We’re happy to inform you that the Uttar Pradesh Transport Corporation has lowered the prices of their Rajdhani bus service. Up until recently, the fare for these luxury buses was around 10% more than that of regular buses. Which has been cut down to size.


Wow, this is a huge sale

In fact, buses from all around UP now go directly to Lucknow, the state capital. Rajdhani Express buses were operated under this system. From then on, there were also Rajdhani Express buses on route to the nation’s capital. At first, their fares were held at a premium of 10% above those of regular buses. The justification given was that these are the most direct bus routes. Which means that people can save time getting where they need to go. Consequently, bus fares have been lowered in response to customer demand. The new, 10% reduced cost will save you Rs 13 for every 100 km journey.

The old fare was more than this; however, the current prices are as follows:

Long-distance bus riders on a Rajdhani can save up to Rs 100 thanks to the new lower prices. Actually, before the new tariffs were implemented, travellers travelling between Lucknow and Delhi on a Rajdhani bus paid Rs 832; today, they’ll pay Rs 739. You may save Rs 93 by paying using this method on this specific trip. However, the price to go to Ballia has dropped from Rs 685 to Rs 623. Similarly, the fare in Azamgarh was formerly Rs 513; now it has become Rs 467. The ticket to Gorakhpur, where UP CM Yogi has his office, has dropped from Rs 506 to Rs 460.



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