BJP warns eight Kashmiri politicians over
BJP warns eight Kashmiri politicians over "anti-party activities"

29 September, Srinagar: The BJP’s disciplinary committee has given eight party leaders in the Kashmir Valley a warning for engaging in anti-party actions.

The notifications have been sent to Altaf Thakur, Ali Mohammad Mir, GM Mir, Asif Masoodi, Arif Raja, Anwar Khan, Manzoor Bhat, and Bilal Parray, according to information accessible through Kashmir Dot Com (KDC).


The letter states that while conducting an investigation into Sofi Yusuf’s indiscipline, the Disciplinary Committee was made aware of severe claims and evidence of indiscipline against each of them for engaging in actions that were detrimental to maintaining party discipline.

“The party leadership feels distrusted as a result of your actions. The disciplinary committee has decided to give you one chance to express your unconditional apology for your conduct and not repeat it in the future in any such activity. If you fail to do so, the disciplinary committee will initiate regular proceedings against you, which may result in your removal from official positions and even from primary membership in case allegations of indiscipline are established, according to the disciplinary committee.

It states that if they choose to send the party president an unqualified apology and an assurance of future behaviour, they may do so within a week of today.

The disciplinary committee for the BJP is led by Sunil Sethi and has Aseem Gupta and Rekha Mahajan as members. (KDC)



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