How police in Delhi solved the
How police in Delhi solved the "Rs 25 crore" burglary case; the suspect' slept' at night at a jewellery store

29 September, New Delhi, India (ANI): The main suspect, who has been detained in Chhattisgarh, is also accused of “sleeping in the shop overnight” before fleeing with jewellery valued at about Rs 25 crore, according to the Delhi Police investigation into the sensational burglary case in the city’s Bhogal neighbourhood.

In a combined operation with the Delhi Police, the Chhattisgarh and Delhi Police detained the suspect, Lokesh Srivas, in Chhattisgarh. The offender was described as “a high-profile thief” who committed “big burglaries” prior by a Chhattisgarh Police officer. 18kg of gold and jewels, according to police sources, had also been taken.


According to representatives of the Delhi Police, a companion of the principal culprit allegedly admitted to Chhattisgarh Police during interrogation that Srivas had perpetrated “a big act” in Delhi.

They said that the CCTV video and the facts on Lokesh Srivas were accurate.

“The CCTV video showed the offender going with a bag while wearing black pants and a white shirt. According to a source, a cell number’s whereabouts on September 24 matched one that was tracked.

In a significant break-in that occurred earlier this week in the nation’s capital, jewellery valued at “Rs 20-25 crore” was taken after a hole was made in the wall of the safe of a store in the Bhogal neighbourhood.

According to officials in the Delhi Police, the suspect’s first stop on his road trip was at Kashmere Gate. The insider said that “he is seen alone in the CCTV footage.”

They said that the suspected “super chor” committed such a significant burglary by himself.

According to the information, the burglar entered the building next to the jewellery store on September 24 and left after carrying out the theft on September 25 in the evening.

According to reports, he travelled to the ISBT by bus, and film was examined to get more information. After learning of his intended destination, the police squad set off on September 28 for Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.

According to the sources, Chandravanshi, who is known to Srivas, was the target of a raid by Bilaspur Police, who were also looking into burglary cases. Srivas, however, was able to escape.

They said that after renting a home, he was tracked down and reported to the police.

He was taken into custody on Friday at approximately 6 am after a Delhi Police squad also arrived at the scene late on September 28 in the evening.

The burglary case in Delhi’s Bhogal neighbourhood “has been solved” in a combined operation with Delhi Police, according to Chhattisgarh Police, who had previously claimed that a “high-profile” thief had been apprehended.

Sanjay Dhruv, an additional SP in Bilaspur, said that Delhi Police was attempting to solve the burglary case in which robbers fled with jewels worth around Rs 25 crore earlier this week. He said that the Bilaspur Police was working to resolve theft cases as well.

The accused, according to the police officer, lives in Durg, Chhattisgarh, and the district police also had some information on him.

“A burglary case at a jewellery store in Delhi has been solved thanks to a combined investigation by the Delhi and Chhattisgarh polices. The suspect has been taken into custody, and further research is being done. The accused is a notorious sort of burglar. We kept an eye on his movements and subsequently took further action, according to Sanjay Dhruv, according to ANI.

In the Delhi theft case, he said that “jewellery stolen has been recovered” and that the perpetrator has been detained.

According to the police spokesman, there are burglary instances in both Delhi and Bilaspur, and police would take further action.

In response to inquiries regarding the suspect, Dhruv said that the suspect did not do “small theft crimes” but rather a theft of around Rs 2 crore in Kawardha for which the police were looking for him.

He said that the Durg Police was also keeping an eye on him since he had been committing significant robberies around the nation.

“We had been closely monitoring. We began monitoring him and coordinating with Delhi Police as soon as we learned about the theft case involving Rs 25 crore in Delhi, Dhruv added.

SP Bilaspur According to Santosh Singh, a raid was carried out in Durg during which a person was taken into custody.

“A raid was carried out in Durg, and one guy was taken into custody. He is the subject of seven to eight robbery cases at the Bilaspur Police Station, the officer added.

He said that an accomplice of the accused was apprehended in Kawardha and that jewels and cash worth Rs. 23 lakh were confiscated.

According to the police officer, the culprits were also found to be in possession of goods stolen from a jewellery store in Delhi (in Bhogal), along with Rs 12.50 lakh in cash and over 18 kg of gold and diamonds.

Singh said that the Delhi Police team had also arrived.

An interstate group was engaged, the officer said, and there may be information on further instances.

The “big incident of burglary” was described as such by Delhi Police, who also said that they were looking into it.

The proprietor of the jewellery store in the Bhogal neighbourhood, Sanjeev Jain, told ANI that after closing on Sunday, the store was quite dusty when they reopened it on Tuesday. He claimed that the CCTV camera was broken.

“We closed the store on Sunday, and when we opened it on Tuesday following a holiday on Monday, we discovered that the whole store was covered in dust and that the strong room’s wall had a hole in it. We believe the burglars have taken everything. There was jewels in the amount of 20 to 25 crore rupees. From the terrace, they entered. Everything is broken, including the CCTV. A probe is being conducted, he said.

A sizable hole in the wall was seen along the stairs in the images from the scene. (ANI)



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