Chinese delegation G20 security standoff at Delhi hotel raises questions
Chinese delegation G20 security standoff at Delhi hotel raises questions

New Delhi, Sep 13: Security staff addressed a suspicious scenario involving members of the Chinese delegation attending the G20 Summit last week, which resulted in a tense hours-long standoff at the magnificent Taj Palace five-star hotel in Delhi.

The incident started when a member of the Chinese group was seen carrying a backpack with “unusual dimensions” by the hotel’s watchful security personnel.


The security personnel was hesitant, but they followed diplomatic procedure and let the suitcases inside the hotel.

An alarming development occurred when a hotel employee was cleaning one of the delegation’s rooms when they discovered what they called “suspicious equipment” hidden within two suitcases.

This finding alarmed hotel staff, who immediately notified the security division.

Following customary security protocols, representatives from the Taj Palace Hotel asked the members of the Chinese delegation to surrender their baggage for a routine inspection.

Sources claim that the delegation members angrily objected to this proposal, which resulted in a protracted impasse.

According to those with direct knowledge of the incident, the Chinese authorities’ refusal to allow the screening of their baggage resulted in a stalemate that lasted for around 12 hours.

The hotel security staff kept a close eye on the delegation’s room throughout this period.

The Chinese delegation finally consented to ship the disputed luggage to their embassy, which resulted in a resolution.

The incident brings to light the difficult balancing act between security concerns and diplomatic procedure that occurs at high-profile international events like the G20 Summit, even though the precise nature of the “suspicious equipment” is yet unknown.

The event has sparked debate on the safety precautions that should be taken for such meetings and the need to be vigilant even when diplomatic ties are top of mind.

Furthermore, it serves as a reminder of the crucial part security professionals play in preserving the security and reliability of international events.



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