A former electrical engineer had just arrived in Dubai when he died tragically a day later
A former electrical engineer had just arrived in Dubai when he died tragically a day later

Srinagar: A sense of sadness pervaded the home of retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Ghulam Hassan Bhat in the calm neighbourhood of Humhama.

Many people think that one of the reasons why he was able to keep his composure during the wreath-laying ceremony for his son Muhammad Hamayun Muzamil Bhat, who was killed in the line of duty in the Kokernag encounter on Wednesday, was that he may have been a tough cop during his time with the J&K Police Department.


But the catastrophe that has befallen his family required a very other type of resilience.

To say goodbye to his son, a deputy superintendent of police, Ghulam Hassan Bhat was there.

Despite his best efforts to remain composed, the former IPS officer’s face was indelible marked with anguish.

He sometimes sighed, and tears welled up in his eyes, revealing the excruciating anguish he was going through.

Senior Bhat was accepting condolences outside the home of the deceased officer when shrieks of crying ladies from a room shattered the unusual stillness. People from all walks of life flocked to the home to express their sorrow.

At Bhat’s home, the whole community had gathered to offer condolences and share memories of the deceased officer, Humayun, whose mesmerising smile had been his distinctive welcome.

It was evident that the whole town suffered a great loss as political figures, employees, and other police paid their respects.

Around the house, there is an overwhelming amount of grief.

others leaving and entering the Bhat house spoke about how kind the family was and how charming Humayun’s grin was when he greeted others.

Even though visitors from all walks of life, including politicians and government officials, were there, the father of the dead officer remained composed.

Ghulam Hassan Bhat, however, stood out as a pillar of stoicism in the middle of the wave of condolences.

His heart ached greatly as he realised that his darling son was no longer with him as guests stood to pay their Fateh for his deceased son.

He nonetheless managed to hold back his emotions as he drew courage from the memories of his brave kid.

The Bhat family has experienced tragedy in many different ways.

Humayun just got married on September 28 of last year, and they hadn’t even had their first anniversary when destiny decided to step in.

The family’s sorrow was compounded by Humayun’s fatherhood on August 14.

The pain was magnified by the fact that the tent where condolences were now being offered had been the same place where the family had celebrated Humayun’s marriage just a year ago, a stark reminder of the swift cruelty of life.

The deceased police officer had previously worked at Cargo in Srinagar, a transition he could not have predicted would be his last.

The son of Ghulam Hassan Bhat began his duty without knowing it would be his last.

While the father struggled to remain calm, family members and neighbours in the tent recalled Humayun as a great gentleman.

One neighbour said, “He would treat his neighbours as family.” Even when he was wearing a uniform, he always greeted us with a grin and an embrace.

As the tragic events unfolded on that ill-fated Wednesday evening, those close to the family recalled the gradual loss of the father’s usual charm.

The day had started like any other, with Ghulam Hassan Bhat, also the chairman of the Masjid Committee, overseeing some work at the Masjid alongside other committee members.

In a lighter mood, we inquired as to if everything was well. Bhat Sahab, as usual, grinned and urged us to concentrate on the work at hand. Little did we know that we were witnessing the last moments of a father’s happiness before the world as he knew it came crashing down,” another neighbour said.

A Colonel of the Rashtriya Rifles (RR) Manpreet Singh, an Army Major Ashish Dhonack of 19 RR, and DSP Hamayun were among the three officers killed in an encounter with terrorists in Kokernag area of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Wednesday.

Earlier, a sea of mourners had turned up to pay last respects to Bhat, whose mortal remains, draped in a tricolour, arrived his home.

Among the mourners was also his wife, who stood with their one-month-old daughter in her lap.

Humayun was a member of the 2018 batch of the J&K Police Service.

DSP Hamayun was a symbol of aspirations and dreams.

His contributions to the community extended beyond his duty, evident in his interactions with local youngsters and his love for the game of cricket.

DSP Hamayun succumbed to excessive blood loss, as stated in the reports, after sustaining injuries during the counter-terrorism operation.



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