Departmental review meetings are chaired by the Commissioner of State Taxes
Departmental review meetings are chaired by the Commissioner of State Taxes

Jammu, January 03: Today, Dr. Rashmi Singh, Commissioner of State Taxes, urged the Jammu division’s officers to take prompt, decisive action against instances of tax evasion and to guarantee that tax laws are followed throughout the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir by optimizing data analytics and conducting field interventions.

While presiding over today’s departmental review meeting of the State Tax Officers of Jammu Division, the Commissioner said these things.


During the meeting, the commissioner addressed the officers and expressed gratitude to the department for successfully completing audit cases despite several obstacles. She instructed the officers to start multifaceted revenue recovery initiatives as soon as possible and promised to provide any necessary interdepartmental cooperation. Dr. Rashmi Singh gave the enforcement wings instructions to step up their field operations and take the necessary steps to stop undervaluation, with an emphasis on rural and outlying locations.

Highlighting the government’s massive infrastructure expansion efforts throughout Jammu and Kashmir, including several ongoing national projects, the Commissioner instructed officers to focus especially on work contracts and the construction sector within project areas to ensure compliance and increase UT revenue.

In order to ensure that DDOs of different departments do not release the money of non-compliant dealers, the Commissioner argued for coordinated measures with other agencies. She also emphasized the need to spread the word about the most recent government circular on the DDOs’ payment release. She also gave the field officers instructions to conduct field inspections, verify compliance at banquets, motels, and restaurants, and use creative methods to find instances of tax fraud.

“The Department is implementing various IT interventions to monitor tax evaders, including the placement of RFID readers at unidentified locations,” the spokesperson said.

In addition, Dr. Rashmi Singh stated that tax officers should assist law-abiding citizens and pursue tax evaders. She also expressed her confidence that officers will take all necessary steps, with the help of business intelligence inputs, to ensure that the department fully achieves the required revenue target.

The Commissioner was informed of different departmental operations by Namrita Dogra, the Additional Commissioner of State Taxes (Administration and Enforcement), during the meeting. She also provided a circle-by-circle report on the successful completion of the taxpayer audit and scrutiny for the 2017–18 fiscal year. According to her, the State Taxes Department has finished its examination and audit for the fiscal year 2017–18 and has found a significant amount of unrealized income.

The Additional Commissioner restated that UT J&K’s GST collections have increased positively this year, noting that there has been a growth of over 30% over the same period last year and that the SGST cash component’s overall growth has shown a healthy upward swing of about 28.26%.



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