DGP continues efforts to eliminate residual terror modules
DGP continues efforts to eliminate residual terror modules

Jammu: Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh stated on Thursday that many modules constructed by adversaries (Pakistan and its agencies) to keep terrorism alive in J&K have been dismantled, and efforts are underway to dismantle the remaining modules.

After addressing 65 Deputy Superintendents of Police (DySsP) trainees at Sher-e-Kashmir Police Academy in Udhampur, he stated this in response to media inquiries.


“Pakistan’s theatre of conspiracies, in order to keep terrorism alive and sustain it further in J&K, witnesses new tactics (of its actors) on a regular basis, altering bases and areas of operation in accordance with the circumstances. All such conspiracies are devised across the frontier (in Pakistan), so the terror theater) is constantly evolving (in accordance with managers’ directives). “Despite these acts, we have had a great deal of success (in anti-terror operations) in the Jammu region,” said the chief of police for Jammu and Kashmir.

“Many modules, which they (the adversaries) had constructed to keep terrorism alive and resurrect it in this country, have been uncovered. In recent years, the districts of Rajouri and Reasi have been the sites of numerous successful anti-terror operations. “Actions are being taken to deconstruct the remaining modules as well,” he said.

DGP Dilbag Singh said that the diligent and determined efforts of the Jammu and Kashmir Police (JKP) were visible on the ground now. “The people have now seen for themselves that when the rule of law is administered on the ground, the long arm of the law only captures those who work against the law of the land, while it acts as a shield for those who obey it (the rule of law). It provides them with assurance,” he said, alluding to the favourable effects of the shifting security situation in J&K, particularly in Kashmir.

In response to another question, the DGP stated, “I would advise Jawans (youth) to begin focusing on workouts, running, and other physical exercises to increase their fitness level, because in the police force, only those who work hard and have the stamina to handle hectic schedules are considered fit and eligible for it. I believe there will be a surge in recruitment campaigns in the future, and the youth should be completely prepared.”

The DGP stated that Pakistan was the primary source of militancy and that the JKP and other security forces were dedicated to neutralising and eradicating militancy from the UT. According to him, the number of active militants has decreased, and efforts are being made to eliminate the remainder. He stated that the security infrastructure on the borders and within the hinterlands was vigilant and active to thwart the plans of anti-national elements aided by Pakistan.

According to a police spokesperson, the DGP told DySsP recruits to focus on their duties and not fret about those who would attempt to drag them down.

Paying homage to the J&K Police martyrs, he stated, “You are now a part of a force with an unmatched legacy of martyrdom.”

Referring to areas where there had previously been no police presence, the DGP stated, “During the past few years, we have tested ourselves to the limit and overcome obstacles, resulting in a changed situation.” The J&K Police and other security forces are maintaining control over all areas and holding ground. We have ensured that the rule of law is administered to all stone-throwers and instigators.”

The DGP was on a day-long tour to the SKPA Udhampur and Subsidiary Training Centre (STC) Talwara Reasi, where he interacted with trainee officers and jawans and also inaugurated new buildings in these training institutes.

He was accompanied by IGP Headquarters, CIV Police Headquarters, B.S. Tuti, and AIG Training and Policy Headquarters, J.S. Johar.

The Director General of Police inaugurated a two-story Kot building at SKPA Udhampur and a conference hall at STC Talwara. Officers present on these occasions were Director SKPAU Garib Dass; SSP Udhampur Dr Vinod Kumar; Deputy Directors of SKPAU Rajinder Gupta, Sheikh Zulfikar Azad, and Rajesh Kumar Bali; Principal STC Talwara Jameel Ahmad; SSP Reasi Amit Gupta; SSP R C Kotwal; and other staff of SKPAU and STC Talwara.

The DGP, while addressing the novice officers at SKPAU, stated that the atmosphere of training institutes rejuvenated personnel, adding that all personnel used to lament their training time throughout their lives. Revisiting his previous postings, the DGP said, “All personnel consider training institutes wherever they train their second home.”

Referring to the Kokernag encounter, the DGP said, “We have to work on how to respond better so that loss of security forces lives is avoided.” Singh, relating his past experiences, stated, “As you advance in life, you will recall your previous endeavours. All you have to do is work with passion, dedication, and professionalism. You have to have synergy and camaraderie with your friends and colleagues, besides with other forces.”

Urging trainees to ensure holding of the ground, the DGP said, “We have to deal with anti-national and anti-social elements strictly while taking care of the common people. In a region where terror used to prevail, JKP, along with other security forces, ensured the security and safety of common people, whose support and cooperation were of the utmost importance for the UT’s peace.” He emphasised the need for trainees to develop compassion as an essential element for police personnel and for the people they would serve. “Police officers should be confident about their efforts and intentions and take decisions on the ground in the interest of the administration,” the DGP said.

Regarding the training of personnel, the DGP said that Police Headquarters was more focused on providing specialised courses on cybercrime investigation, countermeasures, and tactical aspects. Directing and organising modules on specialised crimes, the DGP said that more specialised training courses were the need of the hour for cracking modern cybercrimes.

He advised learning basic investigation skills to improve the conviction rates of NDPS and UAPA cases. He exhorted women officers to strive to study cybercrime and crime against women and children. He emphasised the need for officers to be tech-savvy while exploring technologies in policing methods for solving problems.

At STC Talwara, addressing the darbar of Border Battalion trainees, the DGP directed that while providing training to these trainees, a special focus should be on the modern-day challenges on borders, viz., narco-terrorism, infiltration, drone droppings, etc., besides training them how to protect the people during any emergency on borders. He said that these trainees should be exposed to the modern-day tools used to monitor the situation and other activities on borders.

He said, “With the day-in and day-out efforts of the Jammu Kashmir Police and the sacrifices of our fallen heroes, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are enjoying normal life; students are attending school, and other business activities are going on in full swing without any fear. The bandh call culture has ended completely.”

He said that the gallant efforts of the Jammu and Kashmir Police were being appreciated and acknowledged at every forum in the country, adding, “I feel proud of leading this brave force.” He said, “The people of Jammu and Kashmir want peace, and they have understood the criminal intentions of Pakistan, which is trying to instigate the youth against their own people.”

While complimenting the officers and staff of these training institutes, the DGP directed for providing the best training courses to the trainees and assured that all possible assistance would be provided by the PHQ.



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