Due to an increase in stabbings, the Srinagar administration has banned the sale and possession of knives and daggers in public
Due to an increase in stabbings, the Srinagar administration has banned the sale and possession of knives and daggers in public

Except for law enforcement agencies and others who use such weapons professionally, such as butchers, carpenters, electricians, and cooks, the ban will apply to everyone.

Srinagar, July 21: In response to an uptick in stabbings over the past few months, the Srinagar District Magistrate on Friday issued a ban on the sale, purchase, and carrying of sharp-edged weapons in public locations in the district.


The Senior Superintendent of Police, Srinagar, stated in a message that there have been numerous stabbing instances and attacks employing sharp edged weapons in District Srinagar during the past few months. The magistrate cited this communication in an order.

According to the order, the SSP for Srinagar has made a list of all stabbing events that have occurred in the previous three months in the districts of Qamarwari, Bemina, Kralpora, Batmaloo, Nowhatta, Kothibagh, and Rambagh, among others, in Srinagar.

“Whereas, occurrences involving the use of sharp weapons in public areas constitute a serious threat to the lives and security of the citizens, public safety and security is of the utmost concern;

Whereas, it has become crucial to stop people in the District of Srinagar’s territorial authority from carrying sharp weapons in order to stop the occurrence of such incidents, according to the order.

According to the Arms Act of 1959, it is illegal to possess sharp-edged weapons “whose blade is more than 09 inches long or whose blade is more than 02 inches wide” for any purpose other than domestic, agricultural, scientific, or industrial ones;

“Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me, I, District Magistrate of Srinagar,

With immediate effect, the sale, acquisition, and possession of sharp-edged weapons in public areas inside the Srinagar District is prohibited pursuant to Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. The business premises involved in the sale or acquisition of such weapons shall be subject to the ban, according to the directive.

The term “sharp-edged weapons” refers to any item or instrument with a blade, edge, or point that has the potential to harm or injure others, such as knives, swords, daggers, box cutters, and razors. According to the order, “public places” include streets, parks, leisure areas, public transportation stops, markets, schools, houses of worship, government buildings, and any other sites that are open to the general public.

All people are subject to the restriction, with the exception of law enforcement officials and those who need the weapons for their legitimate line of work (butchers, carpenters, electricians, chefs, etc.).

Any person in possession of a sharp edged weapon (or weapons) must turn them in to the closest police station within the next 72 hours, failing which the District Police in Srinagar will seize the weapon(s) and take the proper legal action.

According to section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, suitable legal action will be taken in the event that this order is violated, it stated.

The order must be carried out in full by the Senior Superintendent of Police in Srinagar.



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