2011 murder: judge gives a man life imprisonment for murdering his wife
2011 murder: judge gives a man life imprisonment for murdering his wife

Baramulla, September 1: Police have broken up a complex inter-district phoney marriage scheme that exploited vulnerable people and left them financially and emotionally exhausted.

A guy from Kunzer village in the Baramulla area went to the police and reported the suspicious behaviour of certain persons acting as intermediaries during marriage celebrations, according to a police spokesperson.


Lal Hussain, from Ward No. 6 in Jaranwala Gail in Rajouri; Irshada Begum, from Mori Kalakot in Rajouri; Abdul Rahman Rather, from Dar Mohalla in Drang in Budgam; and Abdul Khaliq Dar, from Ghulab Bagh in Pati Poshkar Khag in Budgam; were the people apprehended.

A team of police officers was quickly assembled in response to the allegation, and thorough investigation revealed that the perpetrators had hatched a plot to fraudulently profit from the institution of marriage.

The accused, according to the lawsuit, sent photos of themselves to potential grooms on WhatsApp, pretending to be young ladies interested in marriage.

The victims were duped into accepting marriage offers, deciding on a Mehar (dower) sum, and paying large payments by these con artists. These bogus weddings took place only in the victims’ bank accounts, and the victims lost their money.

The suspects carefully picked their victims by using well curated photos of young ladies to trick them.

The police said the con artists stole Rs 7.38 lakh in Mehar payments and commissions.

In accordance with applicable provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), police have filed a First Information Report (FIR).

According to a police officer, more investigation is continuing, and it is not out of the question that a few more people may be arrested.



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