Market costs for vegetables in Kashmir have skyrocketed
Nadia Farooq

For many years, hundreds of farmers in Bain village have been successfully growing tomatoes and other vegetables.

Farmers in Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir, are celebrating today (July 14) as the price of tomatoes hits an all-time high of Rs 150 per kilogramme, bringing them a windfall of cash and a renewed sense of confidence.

This unexpected growth has provided the agricultural community in the area with a much-needed lift after years of battling formidable barriers. Udhampur district farmer Mohammad Aslam Bhat of the Bain village in the Chenani block is ecstatic about the spectacular harvest this year.


Although some of his tomato crops were ruined by unanticipated rain, the rest of his crop did very well and brought him a substantial profit.

He said that after twenty years of waiting, they started making Rs 3,000 each Crate, a significant rise from their prior earnings of Rs 150 to 2,000.

Tomatoes are in short supply, which explains the sharp price hike. Many farmers abandoned tomato production in the past because of the poor pricing.

Due to dwindling supplies and steady consumer demand, prices have skyrocketed.

Farmers like Mohammad Aslam Bhat are encouraging their peers and younger generations to rethink farming as a career option because of the huge potential for financial reward in the present market.

The recent triumph of Udhampur’s tomato farmers should serve as an inspiration to other agricultural towns facing similar challenges.

Farmers are optimistic that the sector’s recent success will persist and provide lasting benefits to the agricultural community in the area.

Farmers are celebrating their “red gold” and revelling in the glory of their abundant earnings, which are the result of their years of hard labour and dedication.

Udhampur’s tomato farmers view this as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to secure a brighter future, and they appear eager to seize it.

Over 500 farmers in Bain have been growing tomatoes and other vegetables for years, but this year they’re seeing record earnings.



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