"Healthcare facilities in J&K will make sure that there are no lines for OPD registration"

Srinagar: The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission J&K has taken the Scan and Share line-free registration process to a new level. This is a game-changer for how easy it is for patients to sign up at OPDs in hospitals.

This service started in April 2023 and is now available in 71 health care facilities across J&K. A trained staff was put in place to help the people on the ground and show patients how to use this digital service without waiting in queue. People who go to hospitals have given the government’s effort a lot of praise, which has led to around 70–90% of people switching from paper to digital mode.


This has not only saved patients and their carers time in the long lines at the hospital, but it has also cut down on the number of mistakes that patients make when they sign up.

All citizens will have an online record of their health that is kept over time and can be shared with other people with the patient’s permission.

In just four months, healthcare institutions in J&K have created 7,92,641 tokens.



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