Financial literacy training is given at NIT Srinagar
Financial literacy training is given at NIT Srinagar

In conjunction with the National Institute of Technology Srinagar (NIT Srinagar), the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) hosted a seminar on financial literacy on Saturday in Srinagar.

The purpose of the event was to raise financial literacy and capital markets knowledge among NIT Srinagar students and teachers. Prof. Adnan Qayoum, Head of the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management (HSS&M) Department at NIT Srinagar, gave a heartfelt welcome address to start the seminar.


He expressed his thanks to the distinguished visitors and attendees and emphasised the importance of financial literacy in the current dynamic economic environment.

The chief guest, Mr. Shri SVMD Rao, Executive Director of SEBI, was the seminar’s main attraction. Mr. Rao provided information on the value of financial literacy and the function of SEBI in overseeing the securities and exchange markets in India.

He urged the audience to invest wisely and actively pursue their financial knowledge.

The seminar began with an introduction, followed by two technical sessions led by distinguished guests. Mr. Shri Pranjal Jayaswal, General Manager at SEBI, conducted the first session. Mr. Jayaswal gave a thorough overview of SEBI’s regulatory structure and its initiatives to safeguard investors and guarantee fair market practices.

Vice President of NSE, Mr. Joginder Singh, led the second technical session. Mr. Singh dug into the complexities of capital market investing and offered insightful information on market dynamics, investment tactics, and risk management. The engaged crowd greatly enjoyed his presentation.

The session included an interesting quiz that assessed the attendees’ understanding of financial markets and investing fundamentals. It offered the guests an enjoyable and instructive approach to evaluating their financial literacy.

Following the technical presentations, there was a lively interactive Q&A session where students and faculty could ask questions and get answers from the experts.

Miss Kanika gave a vote of thanks at the seminar’s conclusion, thanking everyone who had attended, as well as the presenters and organisers, for making it a success. She also emphasised the need for ongoing initiatives to improve young people’s financial literacy.

The SEBI, NSE, and NIT Srinagar-hosted financial literacy conference was a tremendous success, giving attendees a better understanding of the financial and investing industries. It demonstrated the organisation’s dedication to providing people with the information and abilities required to make wise financial choices.



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