For ad-free Instagram and Facebook, Meta may charge $14 per month
For ad-free Instagram and Facebook, Meta may charge $14 per month

Wednesday, October 3rd, San Francisco: It has been claimed that in Europe, Meta intends to charge $14 for access to Instagram or Facebook without ads, with the choice to pay the cost or accept to view customised ads.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Europeans may pay $17 per month to get access to both Instagram and Facebook.


EU officials want Mark Zuckerberg to cease exploiting personal data to target ads to European consumers without authorization, and Meta is apparently selling the price to them.

By the end of the month, “the bloc’s users could have three options: pay up, use for free but agree to personalised ads, or quit,” the article said.

Meta will keep offering free versions of the applications in the EU with advertisements, but only to subscribers.

Since Meta’s funding model has been called into question by regulatory judgements in the European Union, the company is now required to get user consent before displaying personalised advertisements.

Early this year, rumours spread that Meta was developing a subscription service that would allow Facebook and Instagram users to pay to have their accounts verified.

Meta is also developing a ‘Gen AI Personas’ chatbot for younger users that uses generative AI.

Multiple “personas” of the AI chatbot “would come, each geared towards engaging young users with more colourful behaviour,” according to the sources.

Meta intends to create a plethora of chatbots with artificial personalities.



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