Health and Family Welfare employees in J&K have not received pay since May
Health and Family Welfare employees in J&K have not received pay since May

Employee dues will be paid shortly, and a long-term solution is being sought: Director

Many Health and Family Welfare staff in J&K have been going through a “very tough time” since they haven’t received their paychecks for the previous four months, according to Srinagar.


The workers, who included educators, FMPHWs, and Deputy Chief Medical Officers, said that they have been going through “hard times” and have not received their paychecks since May of this year.

Numerous personnel employed in J&K under a government supported programme in the fields of health and family welfare claim that they have never received their pay on time, according to official sources.

They said that although personnel working under 2211 head never have such problems and get their wages on time, those working under 2210 head do.

Despite becoming J&K permanent workers, they said they still needed to go to work to get their pay.

The workers said that since they are unable to pay their tuition on time, their children’s education is being hampered. Despite working very hard during the COVID outbreak, one of the workers said, “We literally have to beg for salaries.”

They said that neither DPCs nor wages were provided on time, as per the deadline. Some of our workers have chronic illnesses, but they are also having issues, and their care is delayed because they aren’t being paid.

Employees had to wait years together for DPC and paychecks, according to Vice President of Health and Family Welfare J&K Masarat Jabeen.

“The claims of women’s empowerment and Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao are proving to be a hoax on the ground as despite providing primary, preventative, and curative healthcare for almost all of the national health programmes, we still have to suffer,” she remarked.

Because of unidentified reasons, Jabeen said, “We have never received our salaries on time, and despite working day and night like other employees,” she and her coworkers are treated like stepmothers. “We are unable to bring clothes and other necessities in the absence of salaries from May 2023, and some even from April,” the statement reads.

The other association members said that despite their meetings with the Chief Secretary, the Secretary of Health, and other senior authorities, nothing is being done on the ground.

To end their dispute once and for all, the staff have requested LG Manoj Sinha’s assistance.

Although the agency is searching for a long-term solution, Director Health and Family Welfare J&K Dr. Tabassum Jabeen said that the wage concerns of health and family welfare staff are old.

Although their incomes are increasing, she noted that this is a longstanding issue and that this was simply a temporary fix.

The employee’s overdue pay would be paid very soon, she said, adding that we are working to find a long-term solution to the problem. KNO



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