IIT Aspirants Should Expect A Lighter JEE Mains Next Year, With An Updated Syllabus
IIT Aspirants Should Expect A Lighter JEE Mains Next Year, With An Updated Syllabus

Do you want to pursue a career in engineering, or do you know someone who does? Then you have some positive news.

What took place?
The National Testing Agency is expected to issue the information bulletin and curriculum for the next Joint Entrance Examination (JEE-Main) for engineering applicants next week. This year’s test will likely be easier.

Additionally, NTA has chosen to inform participants of the dates for registration along with the results dates. “It is difficult for candidates to predict the timing of the results. The results dates will be announced starting in 2024 when the information bulletin is released, according to NTA Director General Subodh Kumar Singh.


How and where is it?
The engineering and architecture entrance test curriculum has been designed with the rationalisation of syllabuses by boards nationwide in mind. The exam is scheduled to take place in January through April of 2024. On Saturday, the decision was made public.

How come?
Due to the COVID pandemic’s negative effects on education, the syllabuses for Classes 9 through 12 have been shortened by a number of education boards, including NCERT and CBSE. When the curriculum was first streamlined in 2020, the present class of 12 was in Class 9. The JEE (Main) and NEET-UG syllabuses, however, were not altered.

How will it function?
According to Singh, the expert group is completing the curriculum after the agency engaged with all boards and had discussions. “The revised syllabus will be notified along with the information bulletin, which will be released next week along with the registration dates,” he said.

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Who will gain from the choice made?
releasing the results dates at the same time as releasing the registration dates, according to NTA director Singh, “will not only help the aspirants but also the institutions in planning their yearly admission cycle,” in addition to IIT hopefuls and engineering students.

The organisation is making an effort to guarantee that each applicant is assigned a facility that is near their place of residence. “We will ensure that no candidate is required to travel out of his or her home state,” he said. Three months ahead of schedule compared to 2023, NTA announced in September the test schedule for JEE (Main), CUET UG & PG, NEET-UG, and UGC-NET in 2024.



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