India points to the UNSC's ineffectiveness lack the Ukraine conflict and urges for its
India points to the UNSC's ineffectiveness lack the Ukraine conflict and urges for its "systemic flaw" to be fixed

United Nations: India has criticised the Security Council’s inability to resolve the Ukraine issue and said that the UN would lose credibility until the “systemic flaw” that caused it is rectified via changes.

Sanjay Verma, Secretary (West) in India’s External Affairs Ministry, addressed the Council during the discussion on Ukraine on Thursday and questioned: “Why is the UN system, and particularly its main organ, this very UN Security Council, mandated to maintain international peace and security, rendered completely ineffective to the resolution of the ongoing conflict?”


“Outdated and archaic institutions must be reformed and reinvented for multilateralism to be successful; otherwise, its credibility will continue to decline. And until we address that systemic issue, we will keep coming up short, ” he warned.

Because Russia is a permanent member with a veto and the invader, the divided Council has been unable to make decisions.

Verma attacked Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but, as India has in the past, did not specifically name Moscow: “The global system that we all adhere to is founded on international law, principles of the UN Charter, and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all States. These values must be respected in all circumstances.

“We have always argued against finding a solution at the expense of human life. Nobody has an interest in animosity and bloodshed escalating, he added.

“We still support Prime Minister Modi’s assertion that “this is not a time for war. The moment is instead one for growth and collaboration, according to Verma.

He said, “It is crucial that we maintain faith in the potential of diplomacy and that, in the end, it is always conversation and diplomacy that delivers.

According to Verma, the Global South has been ravaged by the war’s collateral damage, and these nations’ views and viewpoints need to be heard.

“India’s G20 Presidency has ensured that some of these economic pitfalls faced by developing countries were brought to the forefront of the G20 Agenda and through a consensus-based approach, a road map was agreed upon, which also provided solutions for countries facing debt distress,” he added.



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