Is Anyone Here Listening?
Is Anyone Here Listening?

Residents of Albani Islamic School Lane in Nowgam desire that the connection road be made with macadam.

Due to the poor state of the road in our neighbourhood, we, the inhabitants of Albani Islamic School Lanes 1 and 2, Nowgam, are experiencing severe challenges. We have expressed our worries about the condition of our roads on several occasions since it is so difficult for us to travel. It is depressing that, despite the passage of time, nothing has been done to remedy this problem.


The roads become almost impassable and turn into stagnant water during the wet season. We have often contacted the appropriate agency to ask that our road be properly paved, but alas, no action has been taken by the accountable department. We once again humbly beg that the government, now led by LG Manoj Sinha, step in and order the relevant department to take prompt remedial action.


through Yousuf ul-Ali

Salfia Colony suffers from a water deficit.

Since 2014, there has been a serious water scarcity generating a great deal of trouble for us, the inhabitants of Salfia Colony, Lane No. 6 next to the Army Yard in Alouchi Bagh. The problem is still unsolved despite several efforts to get in touch with the neighbourhood Jal Shakti Department officials for assistance. We also requested water tanks, but the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) disregarded our plea. Our ability to get water for everyday requirements has become more difficult due to the declining water supply. We humbly urge that the appropriate agency take care of this matter and provide a quick solution to our difficulty.


Residents of Shamsabad and Bemina demand that streetlights be installed.

Due to the absence of lamps in our neighbourhood, we, the inhabitants of Shamasabad, Sector-4, Bemina, have been having issues, particularly during the Fajr and Isha prayers. Although we have been working with the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to remedy this problem for the last six years, nothing has changed. Therefore, we humbly urge that the authorities quickly erect lamps in our region.

Mir Muhammad Aaqib

a Shamasabad local

Fix the drainage problem in Gulbagh and Parimpora

We, the citizens of Gulbagh, Parimpora, would like to bring a significant matter to the attention of the relevant authorities. Because of the drainage obstruction in our neighbourhood, we are experiencing serious problems. Homes next to the choked drain flood during rainstorms because the inadequate flow of rainwater causes annoyance for the locals. We kindly ask the relevant authorities to look into the situation in order to swiftly remedy this issue.

Srinagar, Parimpora, and Gulbagh

90 Feet Road’s Ellahi Bagh residents need an immediate traffic solution.

Due to the closing of two detours at Ellahi Bagh Chowk, inhabitants of Ellahibagh’s 90 Feet Road are in a terrible predicament in the evenings. The public has been greatly inconvenienced as a result of this sad circumstance’s significant traffic congestion. We kindly request that the authorities act right now to resolve this urgent situation. We respectfully urge that the SSP Traffic, Srinagar, physically visit this site, especially in the evening, and see the issue firsthand. In order to provide the locals the much-needed respite they need, it is essential that the detours be restored and Traffic Police officers be posted in this crowded region.

M A Jan

On behalf of the people living in Ellahi Bagh’s 90 Feet Road



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