GK IMPACT: BRO upgrades the Jawahar Nagar road's damaged drain
GK IMPACT: BRO upgrades the Jawahar Nagar road's damaged drain

Rajouri: A section of a drain on the Jawahar Nagar-Khandli road is obstructed by the buildup of surface damage and slits. It is causing a great deal of problems for the thousands of people that use this major route every day.

The Panja-Khandli Road, which is a part of the Border Roads Organisation, connects about seven highly inhabited villages in Rajouri town.


Commuters face extreme challenges due to a broken and stopped drain on this route near the Lower Jawahar Nagar gas station.

Locals claim that this drain, which runs from one end of the road to the other, has been blocked and damaged for more than six months, causing severe hardship for the community.

According to Faheem Ahmed, a shopkeeper operating his business nearby, “thousands of vehicles ply over the road on a daily basis as this road connects different localities of the town as well as half of the area of entire district with district headquarter as well as main Rajouri town.”

He said that this drain’s top surface, which has been turned into a steel cage, is deteriorated and that this causes passing cars to get trapped, often causing traffic congestion.

Another trader, Ravinder Kumar, stated that this drain’s damaged upper surface can cause accidents, but it also has slits and sand blocking the drain, which makes the situation unsanitary, encourages disease, and spreads a bad odour throughout the neighbourhood.

The residents have urged the responsible executive agency to fix this clogged drain as soon as possible to provide for easy access for automobiles.

According to a district administration Rajouri official, the issue has already been brought up with the executive agency BRO, and the essential maintenance work on the drain would soon be done.



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