"Kashmir is Jannat-e-Kashmir because of spiritual teachings of Rishis & Sufis" : Professor Darakhshan

Dr. Andrabi attends the Sheikh-ul-Aalam (RA) Annual Urs in Chrar-e-Sharief.

13 October 2023, SRINAGAR
Dr. Darakhshan Andrabi, Minister of State and Chairperson of the Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board, paid reverence at the Ziyarat of Alamdar-e-Kashmir (RA) on Annual Urs today while at Chrar-e-Sharief. She participated in the spiritual recitations performed as part of special Urs programming and offered prayers at the shrine. Dr. Andrabi prayed for the well-being of all human beings. Dr. Darakhshan opened a new utility hub in the Waqf Board-built shrine complex. She said that we will soon set the cornerstone for Bait-ul-Zayireen for the complex’s guests. Speaking to the media, Dr. Andrabi expressed his delight at the size of the crowd that had gathered at the shrine on this day, amid the calm and tranquilly of the valley. Because of Sufi and Rishi spiritual teachings, Kashmir is known as Jannat-e-Kashmir. The last thirty years have seen the worst things ever happen to humankind. Our opponents destroyed our shrines and spoke against our religious ties to such sanctuaries. But because of the measures taken by our leadership, Kashmir is now quiet once again, and we may celebrate at our shrines. Our illustrious traditions are being revived at this time, according to Darakhshan. She commended all of the government’s agencies for working with the Waqf Board to provide suitable conditions at the shrine. She praised the populace for once again demonstrating their steadfast faith in our Sufi centres and our Sufis.



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