Kathua is where the search effort ended after the mysterious light was seen in the sky
Nadia Farooq

However, no artefacts were uncovered in the Sahar Khad region.

Locals in the Sahar Khad region of the Kathua district reported seeing what seemed to be drone-like lights in the sky the night of July 13; today, security personnel ended their search operation.

Eyewitness: “Some locals were sitting on the roof tops at Sahar Khad area last night, when they spotted a continuous light from the sky like it was a train that was coming down towards the Sahar Khad,” one of the eyewitnesses informed the local media in Kathua.


The resident said they notified authorities and neighbours.

Last night, the police, paramilitary, and locals worked together to initiate a series of searches that went on until 11 o’clock. However, investigations continued first thing the next morning as well. The cops stated they looked everywhere, but they found nothing.

According to them, vigilant residents alerted the police and assisted the search teams. Nothing, however, was discovered in the Sahar Khad region.



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