Killing terrorists is a big blow to Pakistan and the terror environment, according to Lt Gen. Dwivedi.
Killing terrorists is a big blow to Pakistan and the terror environment, according to Lt Gen. Dwivedi.

November 24, Jammu: Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C) of the Northern Command, said on Friday that Pakistan and the terror network established to destabilize the area had suffered a significant blow with the death of the hated terrorists in the Rajouri encounter.

Following a sorrowful wreath-laying ceremony here in Jammu, Lt Gen Dwivedi was answering questions from the media. He had been paying respect to troops who had died in the Rajouri encounter.


Furthermore, he said that former Pakistani army soldiers were involved in the terrorist networks that were active in the area. When we investigated, we discovered that they were, in some instances, former members of the armed forces. Since there are no local recruits because of the lack of local backing, Pakistan wants to drive international terrorists here to carry out their evil plans. To eradicate every foreign terrorist in Rajouri, Poonch, we have also stepped up our anti-terrorist operations at the same time. As our operations continue, we expect to destroy all 20–25 terrorists operating in the area in a year,” he stated in response to a question regarding the possibility that members of Pakistan’s special forces are among the terrorists operating in this region and in J&K in general.

“Our valiant soldiers of the Romeo Force and 9 Para have done a commendable job,” Lt Gen. Dwivedi said, describing the Rajouri operation as a huge boost to operations aimed at destroying the terror ecosystem sponsored by Pakistan. We have succeeded in removing two very hated terrorists who were engaged in the TCP terror assaults in Rajouri, Dhangri, and Kandi, despite the fact that our courageous troops died in combat. In Dhangri, they had murdered defenseless, unarmed citizens. So, in order to put an end to dread among the local population as well, it was imperative that we neutralize them.

He said that it was very probable that they had their training in a number of other nations, such as Pakistan. Over the course of the previous year, they had engaged in some disgusting behavior. In addition, they were receiving knowledge, weapons, and food. They had been hidden because we were pursuing them. It took a while to find and destroy them since they were highly skilled international terrorists. But our brave warriors completed this mission in accordance with the greatest customs of the Indian army, disregarding their own lives,” GOC-in-C Northern Command said.

Referencing the troops who lost their lives in the Rajouri encounter, he said he had just given Lance Naik Sanjay Bisht a card of appreciation and asked him about his future aspirations. In response, he said he would take major action shortly. He has given the country his all in less than a week. Likewise, the remarks expressed by Captain Pranjal’s dad have lifted everyone’s spirits. The Northern Army Commander said, “Our soldiers have been further motivated to continue such operations with renewed vigor with the support of locals and end terrorists and the eco-system they have created.”

Review of the Kalakote operational scenario

A day after a furious battle that culminated at Kalakote, Lt. Gen. Dwivedi also inspected the operational situation there.

He congratulated the courageous soldiers and the Army’s canine, “Domino,” for their successful operation in the most challenging terrain and inclement weather.

During the incident, five army troops, including two captains, gave their lives in defense of the terrorists, who included two international terrorists, including a high LeT leader.

“OPSOLKI # LtGenUpendraDwivedi #ArmyCdr, Northern Command visited the #Kalakote area in #Rajouri and reviewed the operational situation,” according to a post made by Northern Command on “X” with information on the operation. He was informed of the operation that was just finished, which resulted in the elimination of two extremist terrorists. The commander of the Army commended and honored the valiant soldiers and Army Dog “Domino” for their successful operation despite very challenging terrain and inclement weather.

Lieutenant General Dwivedi immediately presented “Domino” and his handler, Lance Naik Lucky Kumar, with a Northern Army Commendation Card.



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