Locals in Kupwara lament the frequent power outages
Locals in Kupwara lament the frequent power outages

Kupwara, Oct. 14: People in this border area have begun to suffer because of the sporadic and protracted power outages that have begun before the arrival of winter.

The lack of a consistent power supply, which has negatively hampered the people’s ability to go about their daily lives, has been blamed on the government by the locals.


People hailing from Lalpora, Sogam, Warnaw, Kalarose, Khumriyal, Main Town Kupwara, Trehgam, Kralpora, Karnah, Tanghdar, Drugmulla, Nagri, Kandi, Vadhpora, Kawari, Natnusa, Maidan Chogal, Gund Chogal, Magam, Vilgam, Tarthpora, Hangikote, Sirajpora, Sunmula, Main Town Handwara, Upper and Lower Rajwar, Mawer, Upper and Lower Qaziabad, and Kralgund complained about frequent power cuts in these areas.

According to reports, the district’s power supply has been cut to only a few hours each day during the last ten days.

“One can imagine how much worse the situation may be in the middle of the season when just a few hours of energy are being provided at the beginning of winter. According to BDC Chairman Trehgam Mohammad Abdullah Mir, even oxygen concentrator-dependent patients suffer from a lack of reliable power supply.

“I think the relevant authorities often forget about the people of Kupwara. The whole area was supposed to get a significant amount of energy with the expansion of the Arampora and Vilgam receiving stations, but nothing like that occurred,” he said.

Irfan Sultan Panditpori, the chairman of the District Development Council in Kupwara, said that Kupwara has long struggled with an unstable power supply that only becomes worse during the winter.

He said that the issue would continue plaguing the locals as long as the supply-and-demand gap persisted.

“During our recent meeting, LG Manoj Sinha assured that Kupwara will receive a substantial power supply this winter, but nothing to that effect is being seen on the ground,” he said.



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