Poonch is still being searched, and weapons have been found
Poonch is still being searched, and weapons have been found

Soldiers “kept a close eye on the infiltrators’ every move” and “challenged them when they were nearly 300 metres inside LoC.”

On Tuesday, July 11th, the Indian Army said that they had killed a terrorist while thwarting an infiltration attempt in the Naushera area of the Rajouri district.

According to a statement released by an army spokesman in Jammu on July 10, vigilant soldiers along the Line of Control in the Naushera Sector thwarted a significant infiltration attempt.


“On 10 July around midnight, alert ambushes of the Indian Army stationed along the Line of Control detected suspicious movement of a party of terrorists heading suspiciously from across the Line of Control towards our side in the Naushera. The infiltrators’ every step was monitored by attentive forces on both sides of the Line of Control, and a battle broke out when they were less than 300 metres from the border, the spokesman added.

He said that they opened heavy fire on the terrorists, killing one and wounding two others who ran for shelter in the forest.

The statement went on to say that the terrorists concealed in the woods because of the broken terrain, dense vegetation and foliage, and wet weather in the area of operation. The area was sealed off and more soldiers were sent to it. He added that after a two-day, two-night search in a highly mined region with poor weather, the corpse of a terrorist who had been neutralised had been found together with weapons and other items consistent with a military operation.

A blood trail and drag marks on the ground were discovered during subsequent jungle search efforts, pointing in the direction of the line of control. He speculated that “other injured, terrorists taking advantage of the forest foliage” had crossed the Line of Control back into Pakistan.

One AK-47 rifle, three AK magazines containing 175 rounds, one 9 mm pistol, two magazines containing 15 rounds, four hand grenades, communication gear, a considerable amount of food, and clothes were all found.

A massive infiltration attempt targeting Rajouri District was foiled because to the fast thinking and decisive action of Indian Army forces stationed in the Naushera Sector. The official said, “The Indian Army is keeping a constant vigil along the Line of Control and is ready to foil any future attempts.”



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