Mughal road again closed for movement of vehicles after the twin landslides hit the crucial link at two different locations on Friday
Nadia Farooq

The Mughal Road, which connects Poonch district to Shopian, was once again closed to vehicular traffic on Friday, July 21, in Rajouri, after simultaneous landslides struck the vital link at two separate locations.

After removing the detritus from the slide and reopening the road in the morning, a new landslide at a different location blocked it again.


According to officials, a landslide occurred on the Mughal Road at Poshana on Friday morning. The detritus from the avalanche and flying rocks obstructed the road, thereby impeding traffic.”

According to officials, the road was closed for two hours.

“Later, it was reopened to vehicle traffic after debris from the slide was removed,” they said.

The official stated, “In the evening, a new landslide blocked the road at Ratta Chamb, preventing vehicle traffic.” Work was underway to remove the debris and restore traffic.”



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