Nallah Sindh's trout habitat has been harmed by illegal fishing
Nallah Sindh's trout habitat has been harmed by illegal fishing

Ganderbal, Oct. 8: In the Ganderbal area, illegal fishing is continuing unabatedly in Nallah Sindh.

Trout and other fish have their native home in the Nallah Sindh.


In Nallah Sindh, the fish are being taken illegally in a number of locations, mainly along the length from Wayil to Sonamarg, and some people are reportedly killing the fish with dangerous chemicals.

According to sources, bleach powder and sometimes electric current are being used by humans to kill the fish.

They said that the ecology and habitat of Sindh’s trout fish were being severely harmed by the use of pesticides to kill fish.

In a recent instance, some miscreants used bleaching powder close to the Sumbal region, which led to the deaths of several fish.

“People are also killing fish with bleach powder, which is terrible for the bodies of water. Due to the inappropriate usage of pesticides, fish output in Sindh has plummeted significantly, according to a local. Miscreants are fishing in the Nallah Sindh using bleaching powder and other methods since the water flow there is rather low and the Fisheries Department is nowhere to be seen.

The bleach powder, according to the locals, is mostly offered by the PHE Department.

The fact that these miscreants were able to get the chemical powder is unexpected, however.

The miscreants are not only breaking the law by employing these illicit methods to capture fish, he said, but they are also jeopardising the lives of people and animals by contaminating the water.

Salman Rouf, Assistant Director of Fisheries for Greater Kashmir, promised to take action against the criminals engaging in the unlawful slaughter of fish.

“Our field staff is on the job to stop this illegal practice, and I assure you that anyone found involved in this illegal practice will be dealt with under the law,” added Rouf. “Whoever is found engaging in this illegal practice will be dealt with,” we told our field workers, “and we have directed them to check and stop this illegal practice of fishing in Nallah Sindh or anywhere.”

Regarding the latest event, he said that an investigation had been started and that police had been asked to find the offenders.



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