New Visa Rules: Big News! Visa service ordered for 6 countries, accessible after entry
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Revisions to the Visa Procedure: A new piece of information is coming out about visas in Saudi Arabia, in which it is reported that Saudi Arabia has granted tourist visit permits to six more nations. The decision was made to improve the flying experience for everyone. Furthermore, this will boost tourism. The Ministry of Tourism has also simplified the procedure for obtaining a visa.

The decision to grant this visa both online and at Saudi ports was also made with the ease of tourists in mind.


When can we expect to see the visa requirements?

To apply for a visa, various requirements have to be met, such as the fact that the tourist needs to observe the time restriction. The ability to identify yourself with a visa will no longer be accessible after the visa has expired. Exit Saudi Arabia before your visa expires. A tourist visa is not valid for the Umrah during the Hajj.

Citizens of these countries may apply for a tourist e-visa to Saudi Arabia either before they go there or after they arrive. Tourist visa holders are permitted to engage in tourism, perform the Umrah, conduct business, and visit family and friends.

The following is a list of the countries for which we provide tourist visa services.


2. The Kingdom of Thailand

3. Mauritius

4. Seychelles

5. Panama 



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