Online sales of OPD tickets are launched by J&K ABDM
Online sales of OPD tickets are launched by J&K ABDM

October 28, SRINAGAR: The J&K Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) has started the process of issuing online OPD tickets, hence bolstering the digital delivery of healthcare.

The patient will be able to purchase his OPD ticket online from the comfort of their own home, thanks to the OPD ticketing system.


For the token to be generated, the healthcare facility’s QR code must be scanned. The individual must physically report to the hospital or healthcare institution during the 12-hour period that the token is valid. Within 30 minutes after a token is issued, a person is only permitted to apply once for the token.

Residents of Jammu and Kashmir have expressed relief at this people-friendly move, which would lessen the pain of having to wait in lengthy lines at hospitals. In order to provide digital doctor consultations, the procedure will be further expanded. All healthcare facilities’ QR codes may be found on the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, J&K’s official website,

In order to allow residents to pay hospital fees and charges online, when appropriate, the National Health Authority is trying to integrate the UPI Payment Gateways into the ABDM Ecosystem.

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission ecosystem would then include each citizen’s medical information in a vertical health repository under the management of a consent manager. This will allow the citizens’ health records to be stored and shared with the healthcare provider via an appropriate consent-based process. The government will not hold the health data; instead, it will be kept in a federated framework and shared across a range of platforms, including both public and commercial healthcare facilities nationwide.

The planned digital healthcare delivery model will use a network of validated healthcare facilities on the ABDM’s Health Facility Registry (HFR) and verified healthcare professionals under the Health Professionals Registry (HPR) to guarantee a paperless, seamless, transparent, and accountable healthcare system across the nation. To participate in the ABDM ecosystem, which will be the initial step for individuals towards a digital healthcare journey, they must establish an ABHA (Ayushman Bharat Health Account), a 14-digit unique health identification.

At the facility’s opening, Secretary of Health and Medical Education Bhupinder Kumar reaffirmed that the Ayushman Bharat digital health framework in J&K is expected to make it easier for patients and their companions to get healthcare at J&K’s healthcare facilities.

As for the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, Additional Mission Director ABDM, J&K, Shafqat Khan, announced that it has been implemented in 117 healthcare facilities throughout the state and will soon cover 576 facilities where the necessary HMIS software (E-Sahaj) will be installed and operations for gathering electronic medical records will be started from the Primary Healthcare Centre/Health and Wellness Centre levels to the Tertiary Care Hospital levels. Furthermore, the process of registering private healthcare institutions is moving quickly. Currently, 100% of government health facilities have already been registered, and 82% of public healthcare workers, including physicians and nurses, have also been registered.



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