Opening Doors for Self-employment: Your Resource Guide for Mission Youth Opportunities
Opening Doors for Self-employment: Your Resource Guide for Mission Youth Opportunities

An extensive program called “Mission Youth” in Jammu and Kashmir is changing the lives of young people between the ages of 15 and 35. The objective of this effort is to empower and include young people by using a variety of systematic interventions in several areas to position them as ambassadors of peace, prosperity, and socio-economic progress with its many plans and initiatives.

For the youth of Jammu and Kashmir, Mission Youth is creating a bright future and opening doors to new prospects.


Mumkin’s scheme for generating livelihoods

One of the biggest concerns among the youth of Jammu and Kashmir has been unemployment. The Mumkin program was established by Mission Youth to solve this problem.

Through this program, young people without jobs may purchase small commercial vehicles at a discounted price in order to start stable careers in the transportation industry. On the JK-e Services site, a digital module has been designed to guarantee an effective and transparent implementation procedure.

As part of this program, each recipient receives a contribution from Mission Youth of Rs 0.80 lakh or 10% of the vehicle’s on-road price, whichever is less. The car manufacturers match this sum as well. The kids have the freedom to choose the sort of car they want as long as they stay within the parameters of the program, thanks to the relationship with respectable automakers that guarantees the best-in-class vehicle possibilities.
Encouraging Initiatives for Entrepreneurship

Any healthy economy is built on the backs of entrepreneurship. In order to inspire young entrepreneurs—especially women—to innovate in a variety of firms, the Spurring Entrepreneurship initiative focuses on youth entrepreneurship with innovation and supports innovation programs.
The program’s objective is to provide J&K’s kids with financial support so they may start their own businesses. By letting young people choose the kind and structure of their enterprises rather than restricting them to a predetermined list of activities, it promotes innovation and the development of jobs.
Tejaswani: The Glow

In honor of International Women’s Day, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha unveiled the Tejaswini program, which aims to encourage young women to pursue business. Under this plan, young women may get up to Rs 5 lakh in financial help, which is individually customized based on their talents, training, aptitude, and local circumstances. Women who meet the minimum qualifying requirements of the 10th standard and fall within the age range of 18 to 35 are eligible.
SAHYTA Initiative

Acknowledging the difficulties faced by young people in need, Mission Youth launched the SAHYTA initiative. Under this program, young people in need may get up to Rs 2 lakh in funding to establish profitable self-employment businesses. Youth in distress refers to people in Jammu and Kashmir who are between the ages of 18 and 40 who have lost a family member or next of kin in incidents related to insurgency, cross-border shelling, or mine blasts. This includes people who have been rendered permanently incapacitated by these incidents.
Youth Innovators Initiative

Innovation is the engine of growth and advancement. Through innovative experimentation and innovation in education, business, art, research, and cross-sectoral alliances, the Young Innovators Programme seeks to improve the learning and development of young people through non-formal activities. This program encourages creative concepts for business, creative youth entrepreneurship competitions, creative social and educational innovations, and creative resource management and conservation projects.
Mission Youth offers financial and institutional support to bright innovators so they may succeed in their fields of interest.

Rise in unison.

Launched by Mission Youth, the Rise Together program is a livelihood-generating effort focused on the community that aims to create employment, income, and a sense of social responsibility among young entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir. Financial support for eligible youth groups may go up to Rs 20 lakh. This is made up of a bank loan (which covers 70% of the project cost up to Rs 17.50 lakh) and an upfront subsidy from Mission Youth (a minimum of Rs 2.5 lakh, or 10% of the project cost). The youth organization that will benefit from the initiative must organize or fund the remaining 20% of the total cost as margin money.

In conclusion, Mission Youth J&K serves as a ray of hope and opportunity for the youth in the area. It gives students a chance to follow their goals, pick up the required skills, and forge their own routes to a better, more successful future. In addition to addressing unemployment, these creative programs and initiatives promote social development, entrepreneurship, and innovation, laying the groundwork for a more affluent Jammu and Kashmir.



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