Our goal is a Jammu and Kashmir free of corruption: Sinha, LG
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The ‘disease’ of corruption must be eradicated, and Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha stated as much on Monday in Srinagar when he called on all stakeholders to play a crucial part in this effort.

After giving the “Integrity Pledge” to the officers, SSF personnel, and staff of Raj Bhavan, as well as the Administrative Secretaries and Deputy Commissioners (via virtual mode) at the Civil Secretariat during Vigilance Awareness Week, he made these statements.


Officers and employees took their oaths after Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha delivered them the Integrity Pledge.

He also emphasised the need for a coordinated effort to combat corruption, which weakens society’s moral foundation.

In addition, he emphasised the initiatives taken across government agencies to boost public service delivery and pave the path for better administration in Jammu and Kashmir.

“We must take this opportunity to renew our commitment to achieve the goals of promoting efficiency, accountability, and probity in public life for a better future,” the Lt. Governor added.

From October 30th to November 5th, the J&K UT Government will be holding “Vigilance Awareness Week.” In honour of this year’s “Vigilance Awareness Week,” the slogan “Say No to Corruption; Commit to the Nation” has been adopted.

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