SC denies Manish Sisodia bail in Delhi Excise policy irregularities case
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Monday, October 30, New Delhi (ANI): The Supreme Court rejected Manish Sisodia’s application for bail due to violations of the Delhi Excise Policy.

“We have dismissed the bail plea of Manish Sisodia,” the court remarked.


Justices Sanjiv Khanna and SVN Bhatti issued the order.

The judge ordered a six-to-eight-month trial. The judge also said Sisodia may seek bail again after three months if the trial drags on.

The judge denied bail and noted the tentative transfer of 338 crore.

Manish Sisodia asked the Supreme Court for bail on CBI and ED charges connected to Delhi Excise Policy violations. He appealed the Delhi HC bail denial. The Delhi High Court refused bail in both cases.

Recently, the Supreme Court reserved judgement on the bail pleas of Manish Sisodia in the liquor policy irregularities cases.

In the ED case, the Delhi HC stated on July 3, 2023, that the accused’s high political positions and position in Delhi’s ruling party made it possible to influence witnesses.

The CBI detained Sisodia in February 2023 because it believed there had been irregularities in the formulation and implementation of Delhi’s since-repealed excise policy.

Opposition accusations of foul play halted the policy. In judicial detention, Sisodia

According to the CBI, Sisodia was the most crucial figure in the criminal conspiracy and was heavily engaged in the policy’s creation and execution to accomplish its goals. (ANI)



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