People's tolerance is being tested by sharp power interruptions and ration shortages. Omar Khalid
People's tolerance is being tested by sharp power interruptions and ration shortages. Omar Khalid

Srinagar, 20 Nov. Vice President of the National Conference (NC), Omar Abdullah, said on Monday that the people’s tolerance was being tested by severe power outages and ration shortages.

In a statement released by the NC, Abdullah said that the developmental promises made by the Bharatiya Janata Party in Jammu and Kashmir were a bunch of falsehoods while speaking to a workers convention in Malwan, near Damhal Hanjipora in the Kulgam region in south Kashmir.


The former chief minister accused the party of continuously betraying the people by making false promises about elections, reducing unemployment, development, better electricity, and other little matters. He said that the party was doing this in the name of bringing about change, creating jobs, and promoting development.

“They have not provided the people with anything, except falsehoods. They claimed to have spent enormous amounts of money on development, yet the state of power was not as bad as it is now. Why don’t they set aside more money to provide J&K residents access to electricity? The current rice crisis brought on by the Indian government’s decision to lower the allocation limit is making people uncomfortable, he added. “They cannot even afford to buy rice in the open market at a hefty price, so they don’t have any to eat. A staple crisis has emerged in the area as a result of the government’s activities regarding the reduction of the ration allotment. We are a zone where rice is consumed, but who will inform the authorities of this? They don’t care about it at all.

“With this verdict, the Center gave the impression to people that their blood is cheap,” the NC Vice President remarked, referring to the AmshiporaShopian incident, in which the Army deferred the sentence of the implicated officer.

Speaking to reporters outside the event, he stated that the area was seeing an increase in terrorist activities after the abolition of J&K’s special status, which contradicted the BJP administration headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s assertions of normality.

According to Abdullah, the administration misled the nation about the repeal of Article 370, which would put a stop to terrorism.

It was previously said that Article 370 encouraged militancy in J&K and that many would be relieved if it were to be repealed, as it would leave the area free of militancy. However, all of these guarantees and pledges have proven to be false over time. In J&K, there has been a sharp increase in terrorist activity rather than a decline. “A case in point are the terrorists who were killed in Samnoo DH Pora a few days ago and who were lured into terrorism after 2019,” the speaker said.

The State Secretary and NC constituency incharge, Sakina Itoo, organized the convention.

Senior leader Mian Altaf Ahmad, Provincial President Nasir Aslamwani, and NC General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar were also present for the event.

Abdullah also greeted the son of an Apni Party leader as a new member of the party on this occasion.



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