Major bottleneck on road removed in Rajouri
Major bottleneck on road removed in Rajouri

Rajouri, September 17: The lives of thousands of residents in the Rajouri district have been negatively impacted by the poor state of the major road linking numerous panchayats in the rural region of Narla- Bambal.

Residents are angry with the responsible agency because the road has become unsafe due to a lack of upkeep.


Beginning in Chak Methyani, this PMGSY-funded road travels all the way to Narla, where it meets up with the Narla-Kot Charwal Road.

The route links the communities of Chak Methyani to those of the Kalakote sub division and the rest of the Rajouri district. This includes the communities of Narla, Bambal, Panglar, Ghai Bass, and Sangar Bass.

Narla, Bambal, Panglar, Ghai Bass, and Sangar Bass are some of the most rural villages in the Rajouri district; they are also quite near to the border with the Reasi region, where residents still suffer significant difficulties due to a lack of essential services.

The road from Chak Methyani to Narla is the only connection to the outside world, but its state is deteriorating rapidly, and a 200-meter section has been closed to light motor vehicles due to the presence of many feet-deep potholes.

According to residents of this outlying region, the PMGSY road was built over a decade ago but has recently become deteriorated, prompting the approval of a project to repair the road and the installation of tarmac along a portion of the route, but not the whole route.

Baldev Singh, the Naib Sarpanch of the Panglar panchayat, stated, “On one hand, condition of road after repair last year is turning dilapidated, but main problem is a three hundred metres stretch which is in worst condition.”

He said that the road surface had been severely eroded by precipitation, making it almost difficult for a person to drive a light motor vehicle over this section.



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