"Case can't be reduced to 'emotional majority interpretation' of constitution,"

It will take some time, but the process of restoring statehood is underway, he says.

Aug. 31 (New Delhi): On Thursday, the government of India notified the Supreme Court that elections in Jammu and Kashmir may take place at any time, however it did not provide a clear answer as to when Statehood for J&K will be restored.


On Tuesday, the Centre reportedly informed the apex court that it would provide a “positive” answer on the restoration of Statehood to J&K within a timeline requested by the court, according to Kashmir News Service (KNS).

The Article 370 case hearing started today, and Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta, who is defending the Centre, did not provide a timeline for the restoration of statehood, only saying that it would take time but that progress is being made.

When asked about elections, he responded that the party was prepared to hold them whenever the Election Commission of India deemed it necessary.

He said that a major portion of the work on the voters list was completed, and that the number of occurrences of mistake had decreased by 42%.

Mehta also reported a 90% drop in infiltration and a 92% drop in law and order incidents.

According to Mehta, UT is only a passing fad, whereas State needs a number of additions. Those procedures have started. Things are looking up.



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