President Murmu said on the 15th anniversary of the 26/11 attacks,
President Murmu said on the 15th anniversary of the 26/11 attacks, "A grateful nation remembers with pain"

Srinagar, 7 Oct. Security has been stepped up in Srinagar and other areas of Kashmir less than a week before the arrival of Indian President Draupadi Murmu in Srinagar.

On October 11, Draupadi Murmu, who is the 20th convocation speaker, will be the special guest at the University of Kashmir’s main campus in Srinagar.


She had never been to Kashmir before.

According to official sources, starting in 2020, the President will recognise deserving students following the convocation speech.

During the ceremony, more than 400 students will be awarded gold medals as well as MPhil and PhD degrees.

There will be a nighttime light and sound spectacular near Dal Lake in her honour after the convocation.

President Murmu will later be hosted by LG Manoj Sinha at Raj Bhawan in Srinagar.

In preparation for the president’s arrival, security was increased on Saturday in Srinagar and other areas of Kashmir.

Although there are no explicit inputs, protective steps have been taken to ward off adversarial forces.

Around KU in particular, more security forces were stationed around Kashmir.

There will be a three-tier security grid set up.

The site will be under “drone surveillance,” according to authorities. “The joint parties of the police and CRPF are conducting frisking at various locations.”

Security personnel increased frisking outside of Srinagar City as well, particularly at several locations along the Srinagar-Jammu, Srinagar-Baramulla, and other routes.

To keep a watch out for questionable individuals, armed troops and police officers in civvies have been stationed all about KU.

These plans, according to senior police personnel there, were made to guarantee the event’s orderly execution.

The authorities said that “both human and technical means will be used to ensure an incident-free event.”

Police conducted surprise inspections on Saturday in Lal Chowk and a few other Srinagar neighbourhoods.

In Lal Chowk and other parts of Srinagar, people on foot and in cars were both extensively inspected.

Ordinary people shouldn’t have any difficulties, a police official remarked. “As part of the security drill, frisking, checking, and other measures have been implemented.”

The 20th annual KU convocation will take place on October 11, 2023, at KU, and President of India Droupadi Murmu will be the major guest and give the convocation speech, according to a recent announcement made by KU for the knowledge of all students who had registered for the convocation.

“All the students who have registered for convocation and have been declared qualified for the award of the PhD, M.Phil., MD, MS, and Diploma in Anaesthesiology, Ophthalmology, and Gynaecology degrees will be presented at the convocation,” KU said.

Lt. Gov. Manoj Sinha will also be present at the convocation.



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