"Shrinking yields and rising land costs threaten cultivation," according to SAFFRON'S SCENT OF TROUBLE

29 August, Srinagar Saffron corms were being carried by Air Cargo Srinagar when they were confiscated by a team of police and the Director of Agriculture for Kashmir, Chowdhury Mohammad Iqbal, in response to specific information about the export of saffron corms beyond the valley.

Assistant Director of Law Enforcement Srinagar and Law Enforcement Inspector Srinagar from the Enforcement Wing centre were on the team.


The operation was also carried out by a collaborative team effort between the Agriculture Department and Excise Department, which included State Tax Officer Irshad Asadullah, Central Enforcement, Srinagar (Airport wing), and team.

The confiscated saffron corms were taken into custody right away by the department, and in this case, rigorous adherence to the applicable act’s procedural provisions is required.



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