Srinagar's inspiring entrepreneur overcoming handicap boosts success
Srinagar's inspiring entrepreneur overcoming handicap boosts success

The 15th of October, Srinagar: She has shown that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, is capable of achieving success in life and has taken the “dis” out of her handicap. Meet Smarty Ji, an entrepreneur based in Srinagar who has overcome difficulties to develop a successful business that acts as an inspiration to many. Smarty Ji’s story illustrates how one person can turn misfortune into an opportunity for growth.

Because of a disease that left her unable to walk, a young businesswoman who wants to go by the name “Smarty Ji” became incapacitated when she was only 12 years old and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Smarty Ji.


Despite this, she refused to allow her impairment to stop her from pursuing the goals she had set for herself. “I didn’t want to put anybody else’s needs ahead of myself. “I’ve been thinking about doing something,” stated Smarty Ji.

The uplifting narrative takes place in her spice production plant, which is situated in the Industrial Estate of Khonmoh in Srinagar. There, she not only provides a means of subsistence for herself but also for others, all while working towards her goal of motivating others to triumph over their impairments.

The business owned and operated by Smarty Ji manufactures a diverse assortment of spices, such as turmeric, chilli, and a number of other tastes. She said it with great pride: “We offer a comprehensive selection of different spices.”

Her tenacious will and “never give up” mentality have propelled her ahead in life, despite the challenges she has faced. “I have never given up on life, and now I find satisfaction in the fact that I am able to provide a living for other people. She passionately proclaimed, “I invite more people to join me in this endeavour so that we can offer employment to even more people,” which was her hope for the future of the project.

The account of her unconquerable willpower progressed step by step, much like the chapters of an exciting book. “After some time, I started a boutique in a locality where two girls were working with me, but as I wasn’t able to work there properly, I had to close it,” according to her.

When the thought occurred to Smarty Ji that she should open a spice factory, it was the moment when her path took a decisive turn for the better. There were no throngs of people cheering or funds from the government; only a resolute heart and an obstinate spirit. “There was no support from the government; however, I took a loan and started this factory, ‘Sadaf Masalay,’ in the industrial area of Khonmoh,” she recalled, her voice filled with the pride of a soldier who had never been defeated, “where we have been working for more than a month now.”

She proceeded by saying, “Currently, ten educated young adults are working in our factory, where we are manufacturing, grinding, and packaging chilies and other spices, and selling them in the market,” and her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she said those words.

In the beginning, there was a lot of uncertainty and distrust. It seemed as if the whole universe were whispering in her ear that it was impossible. But Smarty Ji was not the kind of person to pay attention to critics. She said with a jubilant grin that “back in the beginning, everyone was of the opinion that you couldn’t do it, but today, everyone appreciates me.” “During the initial days, everyone was of the opinion that you couldn’t do it,” she remarked. The fact that she was able to overcome self-doubt and achieve success despite it is a credit to her unyielding dedication to her goals.

She was proud of the outcomes of her work and elaborated on the fact that the spices made at the plant were unadulterated, which means that no chemicals had tainted their essence. “I am hopeful that everyone will like it,” she added, her voice expressing a serene assurance that bordered on unshakeable trust. “I am hopeful that everyone will like it,” she continued.

The tale of Smarty Ji is a powerful illustration of how obstacles and struggles may serve as stepping stones on the path to amazing accomplishments. Her path, which began in hopelessness but ultimately led to determination and culminated in opportunity, is an example of the resilience of the human spirit and a source of motivation for people everywhere.

Even though Smarty Ji has aspirations of growing her company even further, she is looking for assistance from the government to make this process easier.

“I have installed various machines, such as packing and grinding machines,” according to her. Despite the fact that the firm is showing signs of promise, she wants more.

“I want retailers to come in and see for themselves how high the quality of my items is. She went on to say, “I strongly encourage the government to lend a hand with the marketing efforts so that my spices can become the go-to option in Kashmir.”

She repeated it with absolute certainty: “My spices are pure, and they are superior to those that are currently on the market.” I want everyone to experience the amazing flavour of their products. She came to a conclusion by saying, “My family has been there for me throughout this journey, and I am determined to create a better future for myself and my employees.”

The extraordinary path that Smarty Ji took from hardship to business serves as an inspirational example of persistence and resilience. It demonstrates that success can be reached in spite of any difficulty, provided that the appropriate mindset is maintained and enough assistance is obtained.



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