Students from Khari Higher Secondary School and the community protest the replacement of subject-specific lecturers
Students from Khari Higher Secondary School and the community protest the replacement of subject-specific lecturers

Ramban: Residents and students of Government Higher Secondary School Khari organised a protest rally today and shut down the Nachlana-Khari link road for an hour in opposition to the School Education Department’s recent transfers of subject-specific professors.

Only four lecturers, according to them, are employed by the School out of the 14 authorised roles for lecturers. Locals and students said that although 10 lecturing positions are open at Government Higher Secondary School Khari, only one each is advertised in Chemistry, Arabic, Urdu, and Computer Science.


They said that despite many notifications to the relevant education agency, nothing was done to fill the open positions.

Their academics are being impacted, they said, since instructors assigned to the Government Higher Secondary School Khari were moved and a new lecturer hired to fill the open positions.

More than 500 pupils are registered at the Government Higher Secondary School in Khari, according to the protesting students, but only four teachers have been hired to fill the 14 authorised lecturer positions.

The teachers were allegedly moved, and no attempt was made to fill the empty positions, according to students and residents.

They claimed that rather than filling open positions, lecturers who had been assigned to the School were moved and freed of their duties.

In their respective Higher Secondary Schools, they are requesting the hiring of subject-specific instructors and the revocation of previously issued transfer orders for those academics.

The demonstrators afterwards departed peacefully after Tehsildar Khari promised that the issue will be brought to the attention of the relevant education department.

Meanwhile, in a formal statement, Deputy Commissioner Ramban Mussarat Islam drew the Director of the School Education Department in Jammu’s attention to the enclosed SOS Fax message from the Tehsildar (Executive Magistrate First Class), Khari, regarding a protest rally held by Government HSS Khari students today, September 22, 2023.

The students, together with parents and townspeople, halted traffic for about an hour and asked that 10 of the 14 lecturer positions that are now open at the aforementioned institution be filled. The students did not disperse until Tehsildar Khari’s guarantee that he would raise the issue with higher authorities allowed the traffic in Tehsil Headquarters to resume.

In light of the aforementioned, you are kindly asked to look into the situation and fill open positions as Lecturers in all disciplines at all Higher Secondary Schools in the district, including Government HSS Khari, in order to support the students who are enrolled in advanced coursework.



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