Temperature so far in November
Temperature so far in November

For Srinagar:
Average maximum temperature so far: 16.2°C
Normal = 16.0°C
Average minimum temperature so far = 2.0°C
Normal = 1.0°C

Conclusion: Temperatures are slightly above normal this year in November. As a result, winter will not arrive early. In fact, this year’s November is far better than the previous years.
(And the same goes for October.)


Between November 1 and November 17, 2017, Jhelum at Sangam was flowing at minus (-) 0.75 ft. During the same time, Jhelum at Ram Munshi Srinagar was flowing at 3.10 to 3.15 ft.
The current water level in Jhelum at Sangam is (minus) 0.06 ft.
At Ram Munshi Bagh Srinagar, it is 3.75 ft.

Conclusion: Jhelum has witnessed low water levels in the previous years. Compared to other years, conditions this November are quite better.



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