Big update for Air Travelers: New rules for flight travelers ban cash and gold jewelry
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New Rules for Air Passengers: There are a few things visitors to the United Arab Emirates should bear in mind. The information obtained suggests that there is a weight restriction on baggage containing valuables for visitors visiting the United Arab Emirates.

Tourists and locals alike have been warned not to bring more than Dh60,000 in cash or valuables such as gold, diamonds, etc. into the United Arab Emirates. Taking care of this is crucial for everyone’s safety.


It has been stated that passengers carrying more than 60,000 would be required to disclose that fact using the app. It has been plainly stated that if a passenger travels with jewelry or any other precious item worth Dh60,000 or similar, he would have to disclose this using the Afseh app.

This information is required regardless of the passenger’s place of entry (airport, land border, etc.). The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Identity, Citizenship, and Ports Security (ICP) Division has certified this software as legitimate.



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